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Spotlight on Campground Innovations: Insights from Willow Lake, Inn Town Campground & Care Camps on MC Fireside Chats

Get ready for an insightful episode of MC Fireside Chats, brought to you by Modern Campground. Delve into the intricate layers of outdoor hospitality with us. Our panel of seasoned industry experts is set to share their vast knowledge, offering a comprehensive look at the latest trends and innovations in this constantly evolving domain.

Host Brian Searl will be joined by our regular panelists: Scott Knepp, Director of Operations for IVEE Group; Joe Duemig, founder of App My Community, Nate Thompson of KCN Campgrounds, Sean Vidrine, CEO of Four Points RV Resort, Whitney Scott, SVP of Strategy of Kampgrounds of America, and Candice McNamara from Staylist. 

We are pleased to confirm the participation of Mark and Melanie Jaycock, owners of Willow Lake Campground and RV Park located in East Zorra-Tavistock, Ontario, Canada. Under their leadership, the campground has received accolades such as the Best Small Campground in Ontario and the Camper’s Choice Award for Best Customer Service in Ontario in 2019.

Also participating is Erin Thiem, co-founder of Inn Town Campground. Erin will provide updates about the introduction of a yurt on their property and discuss other recent developments.

Gwynn Sullivan, the executive director of Care Camps, will present on the initiatives undertaken by Care Camps.

Mark your calendars! The next MC Fireside Chats episode goes live on Wednesday, October 18, at 2 pm EST. Catch us on Facebook and YouTube for this enlightening session.

October 11 Episode recap

In the recent episode of MC Fireside Chats, brought to you by Horizon Outdoor Hospitality, host Brian Searl of Insider Perks is joined by Zach Stoltenberg from Clockwork, Ansh Singh from Quaint Glamping, and Chris Jeub from Monument Glamping. 

Zach Stoltenberg from Clockwork shared his journey, detailing the complexities he faced while securing permits. Despite a year’s delay, he expressed optimism for the coming winter, with a strong emphasis on his background in town council and planning boards, which informed his approach. Chris Jeub, the owner of Monument Glamping, narrated his experiences with a project in Colorado Springs. He faced numerous challenges, especially with zoning and regulatory aspects. However, with Zach’s expertise, these issues were resolved, underscoring the significance of hiring the right expertise and collaboration.

An interesting dynamic of the industry, discussed at length, was the difference between narrow vendors and expansive service providers. While both have their roles, the consensus was that expansive service providers often have an edge due to their comprehensive approach. Ansh Singh, the proprietor of Quaint Glamping, added to this narrative by emphasizing the need for patience and diligence. His experiences resonated with the others, especially regarding regulatory challenges.

Zach’s unique approach to navigating the challenges of the industry drew praise from the participants. They acknowledged his meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of local regulations. Anecdotes about his work showcased his knack for finding innovative solutions in intricate situations.

A recent glamping show served as a backdrop for much of the discussion, with attendees lauding their experiences there. The show emerged as a vital platform for networking and interacting with both narrow and expansive vendors. Despite the optimistic undertones of the conversation, the speakers did not shy away from discussing the daunting aspects of the industry. The time-consuming nature of establishing glamping businesses, especially with regulatory requirements, was a shared concern. Yet, all agreed that perseverance and collaboration were the keys to success.

The conversation culminated in emphasizing the importance of networking. Such events and connections not only open doors for business opportunities but also pave the way for knowledge sharing and collective growth. Brian Searl rounded off the session on a hopeful note, reflecting on the growth and potential of the glamping industry. The collective sentiment was optimistic, with all participants eager to play their part in the industry’s bright future.

About MC Fireside Chats

MC Fireside Chats is a weekly show devoted to the outdoor hospitality industry. The show is hosted by Brian Searl, the founder and CEO of Insider Perks and Modern Campground. 

Airing live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET), MC Fireside Chats features guests from the camping and RV industry who share their take on the current state of the camping, glamping, and RVing sectors as well as upcoming innovations in RV parks, campgrounds, outdoor resorts, glamping, and the RV industry.

To listen to previous episodes of MC Fireside Chats, visit: https://moderncampground.com/mc-fireside-chats/


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