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News for March 27, 2023

SpaceX to Test Satellite-to-Cell Service with T-Mobile for Improved Signal Coverage in Remote Camping Areas


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SpaceX is set to begin testing its satellite-to-cellular service as part of its joint initiative with T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, called “Coverage Above and Beyond.” 

The goal of this partnership is to bring Starlink satellite coverage to compatible T-Mobile devices, according to a report by Yahoo! News.

The service will provide near complete coverage to the United States, including difficult places such as national parks, mountain ranges, deserts, and other remote locations where it can be challenging to find a signal.

During a panel at the Satellite Conference and Exhibition 2023, SpaceX VP of Starlink enterprise sales Jonathan Hofeller announced the company’s plans to begin testing its satellite-to-cell service later this year. 

“We’re going to learn a lot by doing—not necessarily by overanalyzing—and getting out there, working with the telcos,” he said.

Hofeller did not specify which Telco SpaceX was partnering with, but it aligns with Musk’s original vision for the T-Mobile partnership. Last August, Musk promised that Starlink V2 would launch in 2023 and transmit direct to mobile phones, eliminating dead zones worldwide.

The panel at the Satellite Conference and Exhibition 2023 seemed optimistic about the future of satellite-to-cell technology. Lynk Global CEO Charles Miller said that satellite cellular service has the potential to be the “biggest category in satellite,” and Iridium CEO Matt Desch sees cellular satellite service as just the beginning. 

“Satellite should connect everything everywhere,” he said at the event, imagining the technology connecting to computers, vehicles, and more.

The satellite-to-cell service will be a game-changer for campers and RVers who often struggle with finding reliable cell coverage while on the road. 

It will provide a reliable connection in remote locations, such as national parks, where traditional cellular service is often spotty or nonexistent. This will enable campers to stay connected to the world while enjoying the great outdoors.

The satellite-to-cell service is expected to be a significant boost to the RV industry as it will make remote working and living more accessible for RVers. 

The RV industry has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with many people choosing to live and work on the road. The satellite-to-cell service will enable RVers to stay connected to work, family, and friends while exploring the country.

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