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Updates to Flandreau Campsites and RV Parks Aim to Enhance Camping Experience for Visitors

As summer approaches and warmer temperatures return, campers planning to make reservations at Flandreau City Park or the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal RV Park in South Dakota should be aware of some key changes being implemented to improve their camping experience.

At Flandreau City Park, the nightly rate for campers has increased from $12 to $20 to better reflect the market and the demand for spots along the Big Sioux. 

Additionally, a new maximum stay time has been introduced – a two-week limit. According to City Administrator Cohl Turnquist, “The main reason that we are implementing the two-week stay policy is due to the high demand that the campground has seen over the last couple of years.” 

Moreover, a new registration system has been put in place at the campground to assist the City with administration of campground policies and procedures.

Meanwhile, at the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal RV Park, just south of the Royal River Casino and Hotel complex, updates include improved utility services and Wi-Fi. 

Tribal and casino officials claim that these improvements are long overdue and consist primarily of basic services with some cosmetic changes. However, an official reopening date for the RV lot has not yet been established.

In contrast, Colman’s RV lot and campground are already bustling ahead of the official summer travel season, with no changes expected at those sites. 

The Colman campground, located adjacent to the highway running through town, is typically a popular spot throughout the summer, given its close proximity to a ballpark, playground, city pool, and golf course.

Private campground owners and operators should take note of these updates as they may impact their own businesses. As campgrounds and RV parks continue to see high demand, it is essential for owners and operators to stay informed about changes and improvements being made at nearby facilities. 

By staying up-to-date with industry trends and consumer preferences, they can ensure that their establishments remain competitive and attractive to potential customers.

Furthermore, campground owners and operators should consider evaluating their own facilities and services to identify areas where improvements could be made to enhance the overall camping experience. 

For instance, they could assess the quality of their utility services or Wi-Fi connectivity, implement changes that streamline the registration process, or determine whether their pricing is reflective of the market demand.


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