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South Carolina County Residents Files Court Appeal Against RV Park

Contestants of a planned RV park in northern Spartanburg County have filed an appeal in Spartanburg County Court, citing 14 reasons why the county Planning Commission’s conditional approval of the site plan in March should be denied, a report said.

Carl Muller, Spartanburg County Council member, stated that “this area is a special part of Spartanburg County.” According to him, there are many other locations for an RV park. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of this part of the Southeast, or even the state.

Residents are appealing the latest decision of the Planning Commission to reverse a March 2nd decision to grant conditional approval to Blue Sky Associates’ RV park site plan.

Blue Sky will build an RV park on 11 acres of land at 1970 Landrum Mill Road. This property is located east of Interstate 26 and southeast of Landrum. T. Tree Farms RV Park is the name of the plan.

This site is located in the middle of thousands upon thousands of acres of rolling hills and farmland, as well as horse farms, which are protected by restrictive covenants and conservation easements. As a backdrop, the mountain views of North Carolina are breathtaking.

A state official stated that at least one condition was met and that an on-site permit for a septic system was granted. However, other conditions have not been met. According to Cole Alverson, the County Administrator, the developer has two years to comply with all conditions.

The appeal lists 11 residents and homeowners associations as plaintiffs and the county/planning commission as defendants.

Alverson stated that the county was in the process of reviewing the pleadings but did not comment on any litigation that was pending against it.

Residents filed a written appeal to Planning Commission in July. However, they were informed that the appeal must be filed with Circuit Court

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April 13, 2024 9:49 pm

Great news! Residents are appealing the RV park plan in Spartanburg County. Environmental experts will assess the site’s impact. Let’s join the community forum for sustainable solutions!

May 13, 2024 7:22 am

Did you hear about the latest twist in the T. Tree Farms RV Park saga? Word on the street is that the developer is trying to sweeten the deal with extra perks to win over the community. It seems like there might be some interesting developments behind closed doors, hinting at a potential shift in the ongoing legal showdown. What do you think about this unexpected turn of events?


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