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RVWA Launches Mentorship Program For 2023, After Successful Pilot

The RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA) is officially launching a full mentorship program for 2023 after a successful pilot this year. The alliance has always provided a forum for successful mentoring relationships, making it a part of its strategic plan since its founding.

“We consistently hear from members that they want education and networking to help them thrive in this industry,” said RVWA Managing Director Jessica Rider. 

“One of the best ways for women to both learn, and network is through a mentorship program. We had a very successful pilot program this year and looked forward to helping more women connect with mentors.”

The Alliance ran a six-month pilot program with five sets of mentors and mentees from all different sectors of the RV industry, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

These women met once per month to discuss goals that mentees had set for themselves. Mentors worked with mentees to help them strategize and achieve their goals.  

After the pilot program’s success, RVWA is expanding the program to include five pairings of mentors and mentees every quarter in 2023 for a total of twenty partnerships for the year. 

“It’s the best! I love my mentor and our weekly calls. We decided to talk more frequently than required, but I don’t feel like there could be a better match for me,” said pilot program participant Marissa Ulrich with Patrick Industries. 

“We talk nearly every week for 30-60 minutes. We have covered plenty of topics, and this really couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m transitioning team members and adding to my roles and responsibilities, so to have an outside voice to run things by has been a blessing. We are very similar in personality, so clicked right away. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope to be involved on the other side down the line.”

Shasta RV General Manager Meg Grierson, who mentored another member of the program, said they have set a couple of goals and will continue to stay in contact every couple of weeks.

“She calls on my plant, so I asked her to stop in anytime and to call or text about anything that might come up if she is not sure how to handle it. As most of us know, I think the hardest obstacle in this industry is navigating relationships with our male counterparts, subordinates, or customers, and sometimes just talking it out with someone who has been there really helps.”

The Alliance looks forward to the program being a great way for women to connect, network, and learn from one another in 2023 and the following years.

RVWA members interested in taking part in the program can apply to be a mentor or a mentee now.


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