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RVTI Introduces RV Technician Training Program to US High Schools

The RV Technical Institute (RVTI), renowned for its comprehensive training programs for RV technicians, is broadening its horizons by introducing its program to high schools throughout the United States. 

As more Americans plan to embark on RV trips in the coming year, the need for skilled RV technicians has never been greater, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

Last year, RVTI launched technician recruitment efforts, attending several American School Counselor Association events to raise awareness about the RV industry and the growing demand for technicians. 

Building on this success, the Institute is now focusing on integrating its technician training program into high schools across the country. As a result, participating students will have the opportunity to graduate as certified Level 1 RV technicians.

To date, RVTI has partnered with four high schools in Texas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania to incorporate its technician training program into its curricula. 

The Institute is currently training high school teachers, primarily from vocational technician departments, who will become certified RV technician instructors after completing the program. These educators will then pass on their expertise to their students.

“We’re currently establishing how to deliver the curriculum and provide any instructional aids that the students may need. Additionally, we plan to connect high schools with dealerships to facilitate both teachers’ and students’ training,” said RVTI Recruitment Director Tracy Anglemeyer regarding the ongoing process.

“This collaboration will create future job opportunities for the learners and offer dealerships an additional source of potential employees.”

This initiative has been well-received by high schools seeking to expand their students’ career options. Anglemeyer notes, “Counselors are thrilled when they learn we can help place their students in relevant job opportunities.”

As the training program is implemented, RV dealers can expect to benefit from a pool of skilled and job-ready technicians. Simultaneously, the program presents an attractive career path for students interested in the RV industry, allowing them to acquire valuable skills and secure employment upon graduation.

For more information about implementing the RV Technical Institute curriculum in high schools or for inquiries, contact Tracy Anglemeyer at [email protected].

Featured image from RV Industry Association.

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March 20, 2024 8:28 am

Isn’t it cool how high schools are now offering RV technician training? It’s setting up students for success in the booming RV industry, opening doors to rewarding careers in maintenance and repair. So exciting!


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