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News for December 10, 2023

RVs Move America Week to Feature RV Dispute Resolution Program with DeMars & Associates

This year, RVs Move America Week attendees will have the chance to meet representatives of DeMars & Associates, a top national firm for alternative dispute resolution, as per a News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

The company’s participation is an excellent opportunity for interested individuals to learn more about the dispute resolution program for RVs (DRP-RV) and its advantages to consumers and companies alike.

DeMars will have a booth on the second floor next to registration during committee meetings on June 6 and July 7 in the Mayflower Hotel.

Three years ago, RVIA’s Lawyers Committee collaborated with DeMars in establishing a voluntary and confidential mediation process.

RV manufacturers who choose to be part of the program can offer it at no cost to consumers who purchased new RVs from them. The DRP-RV program is administered by DeMars and is available to eligible RV consumers across the U.S. and parts of Canada where available.

Currently, there are three different member manufacturers representing over 20 different brands participating in this program, taking advantage of the benefits the DRP-RV program offers both manufacturers and their respective consumers.

The benefits of DRP-RV include:

  • Faster results (i.e., 40-day timeline)
  • Encourages dispute resolution without attorneys
  • An experienced, neutral third-party administrator in DeMars
  • Provides RV consumers an opportunity to have his or her voice heard in front of someone with authority to help resolve issues
  • A network of experienced mediators across the U.S. and Canada that can hold a mediation conference at a location convenient to the consumer.

For RV manufacturers who decide to join, DRP-RV gives their RV customers the chance to settle their disputes cost-effectively and efficiently with less conflict.

This program aims to help RV consumers get back on the road RVing faster, reduce costly and time-consuming litigation, and benefit consumer goodwill.

“We recognize that there are times when customers feel that their warranty-related service claims or complaints aren’t being addressed,” said David Thomas, senior vice president and general counsel of Keystone RV

“In those circumstances, we’re thankful that they have access to the DRP-RV administered by DeMars & Associates. The Dispute Resolution Program provides our customers the opportunity to work through a voluntary mediation process, discuss the dispute with a third party, and arrive at an acceptable resolution for both sides. The DeMars team is professional, courteous, and easy to work with for us and, most importantly, the RV consumer.”

To learn more about DRP-RV, please visit Demars’ website or stop by the DeMars booth on June 6th or 7th at the Mayflower Hotel.


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