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RV Women’s Alliance: Paving the Way for Female Leaders in the RV Industry

The RV industry, known for its dynamic innovations and vast landscapes of opportunities, has witnessed a significant shift in recent years. This shift is not just in terms of technology or market trends but in the very fabric of its workforce. 

The RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA) stands at the forefront of this change, advocating for the recognition and elevation of female leaders within the industry.

Founded in 2019, the RVWA emerged from the collective vision of a group of passionate individuals, both women and men. Their goal was clear: to create an environment within the RV industry where women not only thrive but also lead. 

As a not-for-profit organization, the RVWA is dedicated to fostering the next generation of female leaders and innovators, ensuring that the industry is equipped with diverse perspectives and talents.

The recent announcement of award finalists by the RVWA is a testament to their commitment. Recognizing trailblazers and champions within the industry, these awards highlight the significant contributions of women and the entities that support their growth.

From lifetime achievements to future leaders, the RVWA ensures that every facet of female contribution is celebrated, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

Monika Geraci, an RV Women’s Alliance Board Member and Awards Taskforce Chair, encapsulated the essence of these awards, stating that the nominations were incredibly inspiring. 

She emphasized that these award finalists are a strong testament to the impact women are making on the RV industry. Moreover, the support women receive from individuals and companies who champion their cause is commendable.

The RVWA’s mission goes beyond just awards. They are committed to supporting women at all stages of their career journey. By providing resources, networking opportunities, and platforms for recognition, the RVWA is reshaping the industry’s narrative. They envision an RV industry where diversity is its strength, and inclusivity is its foundation.

The RV industry, with its vast potential and global reach, requires leaders who bring diverse experiences and innovative solutions. The RVWA, through its initiatives, ensures that women are not just a part of this journey but are at the helm, steering the industry towards a brighter, inclusive future.


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