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News for June 21, 2024

RV Shipments Surge 9% in April Amidst Growing Demand for Affordable Travel

Total RV shipments increased by 9.5% in April 2024 compared to the same month in 2023, reaching 34,197 units. This surge underscores the growing appeal of RVing as a budget-friendly travel option for millions of Americans, as reported by the RV Industry Association’s (RVIA) RV Wholesale Shipment Summary.

The RVIA’s April 2024 survey revealed these figures, highlighting a positive trend in the industry. This growth is seen as a response to consumers seeking more affordable travel options in a budget-conscious environment.

Towable RVs, particularly conventional travel trailers, led this surge with a 14.2% increase in shipments, totaling 30,682 units. 

Craig Kirby, president & CEO of the RVIA, noted, “We are encouraged by the continued incremental increases we have been seeing in RV shipments over the past six months.”

In contrast, the motorhome segment faced challenges with a 19.4% decline in shipments, amounting to 3,512 units. This decline suggests a shifting consumer preference towards more cost-effective towable RVs, as shown in the association’s reports & trends.

Year-to-date figures show a consistent upward trend, with 120,138 RV units shipped from January through April 2024, a 9.4% increase from the same period last year. This indicates a stable growth pattern for the industry.

Park model RVs, however, experienced a 6.2% decline in shipments, with 453 units shipped in April 2024. Despite this decrease, park model RVs remain a popular choice for those seeking stationary, home-like accommodations in scenic locations.

Additional data from the report shows that travel trailers (all types) saw a 20.6% increase, while fifth-wheel trailers experienced a slight decrease of 1.9%. Folding camping trailers and truck campers saw declines of 28.6% and 20.1%, respectively​​.

Conventional (Type A) motorhomes decreased by 27.2%, and van campers (Type B) faced a sharp drop of 45.4%. Mini motorhomes (Type C) remained stable with no change in April 2024, although they showed an 11.1% decrease year-to-date​​.

Craig Kirby attributed the growth in RV shipments to the increasing number of consumers opting for RV travel. 

“In this budget-conscious environment, consumers are looking for more affordable travel options for their summer trips. RVing is the choice for over 45 million Americans this summer because they can create lifelong memories with family and friends while also saving up to 60% compared to traditional air/hotel vacations,” Kirby said.

As the summer travel season approaches, the RV industry is poised for continued growth. The appeal of RVing lies not only in its cost savings but also in the freedom and adventure it offers. With millions of Americans expected to hit the road in their RVs this summer, the industry is set to play a crucial role in shaping travel trends in the coming months.

The 9.5% increase in RV shipments in April 2024 highlights the resilience and adaptability of the RV industry. As consumers continue to seek affordable and memorable travel options, the industry is well-positioned to meet this growing demand, paving the way for a prosperous future on the open road.

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