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News for December 10, 2023

RV Industry Welcomes Ryan Horsey as New RVDA Chairman

The RV Dealers Association (RVDA), the national association dedicated to advancing RV retailers’ interests, has announced a significant leadership change. 

Ryan Horsey of Parkview RV Center in Smyrna, DE, has been elected as the Chairman of the Board for the year 2024. This transition marks a new chapter for the RVDA as it continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the recreational vehicle industry.

Horsey’s appointment comes at the conclusion of Nathan Hart’s tenure from Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales in New Castle, IN. Hart’s leadership has been instrumental in steering the association through a period of growth and challenges alike. 

As Horsey steps into his new role, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that promises to drive the RVDA’s mission forward, according to a press release.

The RVDA plays a crucial role in the industry, providing education, member services, and industry leadership. It also spearheads market expansion programs that not only promote the increased sale and use of RVs but also work to enhance the positive image of the RV experience. 

Horsey’s election is expected to uphold these core initiatives while introducing innovative strategies to address current industry needs.

The association’s annual RV Dealers Convention/Expo is a testament to its commitment to industry excellence. Scheduled for November 11-15, 2024, at Paris Las Vegas, this event is a cornerstone for dealer education and networking. 

It offers a platform for members to share insights, explore new products, and discuss strategies for success in an ever-competitive market.

The governance of the RVDA is supported by a robust Board of Directors, which now includes new members Travis Creech of Rex & Sons RV in Wilmington, N.C., and LaDonna Meadows of Tacoma RV Center in Tacoma, WA. 

They join a dedicated team that includes First Vice Chairman Larry Troutt III, Second Vice Chair Bob Been, Treasurer Brad Bacon, and Secretary Lane Bell. This diverse group of industry leaders is set to collaborate on guiding the RVDA’s strategic direction.

The Board’s collective expertise is pivotal in addressing the industry’s challenges and seizing opportunities for growth. With Horsey at the helm, the RVDA is poised to enhance its advocacy efforts, promote dealer best practices, and foster an environment where the RV lifestyle can thrive. His leadership is expected to catalyze initiatives that will benefit dealers and consumers alike.

As the RV industry faces a dynamic set of challenges, from supply chain disruptions to evolving consumer preferences, the RVDA’s role becomes ever more critical. Educational programs and market expansion initiatives are key to equipping dealers with the tools and knowledge necessary to adapt and succeed. 

Horsey’s vision for the RVDA will likely emphasize these areas, ensuring that the association remains a pillar of support for its members.

Member services are another cornerstone of the RVDA’s offerings. From legal advocacy to business consulting, the association provides a suite of resources designed to bolster the success of RV dealers. 

Under Horsey’s leadership, these services are anticipated to expand and evolve, ensuring that RVDA members have access to the best possible support in a rapidly changing market.

The promotion of best practices is a hallmark of the RVDA’s commitment to excellence. By fostering a culture of quality and customer service, the association helps dealers build trust and loyalty with consumers. Horsey’s tenure is expected to reinforce these values, which are essential for the long-term sustainability of the RV industry.


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Mau Mendoza

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