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News for August 8, 2022

RV Industry Experiences Pandemic Sales Boom While Handling Inflation Impact


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Inflation left an impact on industries across the country, but there is one company that appears to be doing quite well in the current economic environment.

The latest reports by CNN indicate that the RV industry is preparing for an almost record year of production.

Industry experts forecast 2022 to be the second-best production year, only behind 2021, which saw more than 600,000 vehicles produced, per CNN.

Brandon Honeyman, general manager of Northside Family RV in Lexington, has already seen the sales increase for what is normally thought of as the peak season for businesses, according to a report.

“We’re Kentucky’s number one motorhome dealer. Summertime is going to be when it starts to pick up. Once people start camping, that’s when they start to see some things they may want to change about the unit they’re in,” Honeyman said.

Honeyman has held only the general manager post in Northside for a short period. However, he’s been working in the RV industry for several years, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He looks back on 2020 as a couple of months where things came to a halt before everything took off for the RV market.

“I think that was as airplanes started to shut down to be in a safe space where you can choose who comes in and out of your motorhome. You can disinfect it. You have full control over that,” Honeyman said.

It was the start of what would be a boom in sales in 2020 and 2021.

Looking at the present day, part of what’s keeping the industry up, according to Honeyman, is many Americans that first got RV’s during the pandemic, rather than just selling them back and going all-in to enhance their investment.

“I think that having a lot of first-timers from the pandemic that caused a big rush into the industry,” Honeyman said.

“What they’re doing now is looking for upgrades or other options for them and their family. That’s what I think is attributed to some stronger numbers as we head into the summer here.”

None of this is to say inflation has not impacted the RV business. Honeyman has seen declines in line with economic spikes this year.

However, the sales boom during the pandemic has helped cushion the blow, with current sales numbers, for Northside and industry-wide still 30-40% higher than in 2019.

Honeyman is happy to see their numbers, but his focus stays on providing a positive experience for his customers.

“We actually get to sell fun. We get to sell families making memories for a lifetime,” Honeyman said.

“At the end of the day. We’re here for the customers, and that’s the important piece.”

This article originally appeared on Lex18.


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