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RV Industry Association Announces New Members in February 2024

The RV Industry Association (RVIA), representing a significant portion of RV manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, has recently expanded its membership in February 2024. This development is a key indicator of the association’s ongoing commitment to unify and strengthen the RV industry’s focus on safety, education, and market growth.

RVIA, known for its representation of over 500 manufacturers and component and aftermarket suppliers, plays a crucial role in producing 98 percent of all RVs made in the U.S. The association’s monthly highlight of new members underscores its mission to promote a unified approach to industry challenges and opportunities, as per a News & Insights report of the RVIA.

Among the new members joining in February 2024 is Geotrek, a Class B motorhome manufacturer based in Fort Lupton, CO. Geotrek’s inclusion reflects the growing diversity and innovation within the RV market, particularly in the motorhome segment.

Noah Trading LLC, another new member, is a manufacturer of teardrop trailers located in Wilmington, DE. Their specialization in compact and efficient trailers adds a unique dimension to the RVIA’s member base, catering to a niche market within the RV industry.

Hekipia America Inc., based in Whitehall, PA, joins as a park model RV manufacturer. Their presence in the association expands the range of RV types represented within RVIA, highlighting the industry’s versatility.

Mason, Inc., from Baltimore, MD, and Stoltzfus Cabins LLC, located in Rising Sun, MD, both specializing in park model RVs, are also among the new members. These companies contribute to the growing interest in park model RVs, known for their comfort and luxury.

Oak Creek Homes, LLC, a park model RV manufacturer from League City, TX, joins the association, further strengthening the park model RV segment within RVIA. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is in line with the association’s goals.

Brandmotion LLC, an aftermarket supplier based in Novi, MI, brings to the table advanced security products, including video and backup systems, as well as rear camera systems. Their expertise in RV security is a valuable addition to the association’s focus on safety and consumer satisfaction.

The inclusion of these diverse companies into RVIA not only reflects the association’s growth but also its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of the RV market. Each new member brings unique skills and products, contributing to the industry’s collective goal of enhancing the RV experience for consumers.

As the RV industry continues to evolve, the RVIA’s expanding membership base plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of RV manufacturing and supply. The association’s efforts in unifying these diverse players under one umbrella not only strengthens the industry but also ensures a richer, more diverse, and safer RV experience for consumers across the nation.

The RV Industry Association’s welcoming of new members in February 2024 marks a significant step in its mission to promote growth, innovation, and unity within the RV industry. As the association continues to grow, it remains a beacon of collaboration and progress in the RV sector.

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