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RV Holiday Vacations Surge in Popularity: 20 Million Americans Set to Travel This Season

The 2023 holiday season marks a remarkable shift in vacation preferences, with a record 20 million Americans planning RV holidays, a 30% increase from the previous year. This surge reflects a broader trend observed among 122 million leisure travelers, with RV vacations gaining unprecedented popularity​​​​.

RV travel is not just a generational fad but spans across age groups. Millennials, often within three hours of home, are leading this trend, seeking shorter, more convenient trips. 

In contrast, Baby Boomers are venturing out on longer journeys, some exceeding 16 hours. Remote workers are also joining the fray, blending work and leisure in ‘Hush Trips’, a testament to the flexibility RVs offer​​.

RV travel preferences extend beyond mere transportation. Over half of RVers use their vehicles for purposes like hosting guests or as additional kitchen space. 

As per a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), a notable trend is the inclusion of pets in holiday plans, with 60% of RVers choosing to bring their furry companions along, making RVs a family-inclusive choice for holiday travel​​​​.

Infographic courtesy of RV Industry Association.

Despite economic uncertainties, RV travel remains a budget-friendly option. Travelers are increasingly attracted to the cost-effectiveness of RV vacations, especially when juxtaposed with traditional travel costs. 

Even in the face of inflation, the lure of RV vacations persists, with cost-cutting measures like cooking meals and off-season travel helping to maintain this trend​​.

The allure of RV travel lies in its diverse applications – from relaxed road trips to adventurous outings in national parks and family camping. This variety, coupled with the inherent comfort and affordability of RV travel, is driving its popularity. 

With an increasing number of Americans desiring outdoor experiences, RV vacations offer the perfect blend of adventure and convenience​​.

RV travel is evolving, with rentals now popular for event attendance, such as music festivals and tailgating. This shift demonstrates the versatility of RVs in catering to a wide range of travel experiences, expanding beyond traditional road trips to accommodate various leisure activities​​.

One of the key appeals of RV travel is the freedom it offers. Travelers appreciate the flexibility to modify plans and the absence of additional fees for luggage. This level of comfort and adaptability makes RV vacations a preferred choice for many, especially when compared to the rigid schedules and added costs of other travel modes​​.

RV travelers show a strong preference for destinations that offer natural beauty, outdoor activities, and opportunities to connect with nature. State and national parks, beaches, and coastal areas are among the top choices, indicating a desire for immersive, nature-centric holiday experiences​​.

Post-pandemic, the trend in RV vacations shows a shift towards more relaxed and family-oriented trips. While the desire for unwinding remains strong, there is a noticeable decline in certain types of trips, reflecting changing preferences and priorities among travelers​​.

RVshare plays a crucial role in facilitating these vacations, with a significant number of bookings coming from first-time renters. The option of RV delivery has made these vacations more accessible, especially to those hesitant about driving an RV, further expanding the appeal and accessibility of RV travel​​.

The rising trend of RV vacations is a clear indicator of changing travel preferences among Americans. Offering flexibility, affordability, and a unique way to experience the outdoors, RV travel is poised to remain a popular choice for holidaymakers in the coming years.

For more information on RV vacations and planning, interested individuals can contact the RV Industry Association or explore options through RVshare. These resources provide valuable insights and assistance for planning an ideal RV holiday.


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