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RREAF Holdings Ventures into Expansive Outdoor Living Platform

RREAF Holdings LLC, a private real estate development firm based in Dallas, Texas, is making waves in the industry with the launch of its fifth platform, named “Outdoor Living.” 

As per a release, the ambitious move involves the acquisition of five RV parks, with a total capitalization of $157 million, strategically located in Alabama, Florida, and Texas.

The company has grand plans to develop additional pads at these parks and upgrade existing amenities, aiming to set a new standard in outdoor living.

RREAF is also planning an acquisition of a second tranche of RV parks this year, with an anticipated total capitalization of $550 million. This expansion is a significant part of RREAF’s diversification strategy in real estate, marking a pivotal moment for the company.

The RV industry is on a remarkable growth trajectory. It is expected to nearly double in value to $64 billion by 2024 and exceed $88 billion by 2028. RREAF Holdings is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on this booming sector, with its Outdoor Living Platform designed to cater to the burgeoning number of RV-owning households in the U.S.

RREAF’s Outdoor Living parks are not just about providing a place to park an RV; they are about creating a lifestyle. The amenities are extensive, ranging from resort-style pools and lazy rivers to fitness centers and family entertainment facilities. These amenities are designed to appeal to a diverse range of age groups, from the 55+ demographic to younger generations seeking adventure and community.

RREAF Holdings is no newcomer to the real estate scene. The company focuses its portfolio under five main divisions, each catering primarily to middle America. With roots that go back 37 years in the industry, RREAF’s extensive experience is a cornerstone of its strategy as it ventures into the Outdoor Living space.

The Outdoor Living Platform is more than a business venture; it is a vision for enhancing the American way of life. RREAF Holdings is designing its parks to meet the needs of a growing number of RV-owning households in the U.S., many of whom are looking for affordable and enriching living options.

RREAF’s significant investment in RV parks is a bold move, reflecting confidence in the sector’s growth. With the RV industry poised for significant expansion, RREAF Holdings is not just riding the wave; it is aiming to be a leading force, shaping the future of outdoor living in America.

Key to RREAF’s strategy is its approach to acquisitions. The company is not just buying properties; it is curating a portfolio that aligns with its vision for outdoor living, a vision that is brought to life by a team of seasoned professionals.

The scale of RREAF Holdings’ investments, notably its recent acquisition in Houston, reflects the company’s ambition and its commitment to being a major player in the real estate sector, particularly in the burgeoning field of outdoor living.

RREAF Holdings’ strategic move into the Outdoor Living Platform is a significant step in its growth and diversification strategy. With a mission to enhance the lives of its investors, partners, residents, and guests, RREAF Holdings is not just building parks; it is fostering communities and shaping the future of outdoor living in America.


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