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Romotow T8: A Unique Swinging RV Now More Affordable

The Romotow T8, a product of W2, has been a captivating sight for both ardent RVers and non-campers for over a decade. This unique camper design, which swings out like a flash drive, has finally become a retail reality earlier this year. 

However, the initial price point of around $270,000 made it a far-fetched dream for the average observer. In a bid to make this expandable caravan more accessible, Romotow has introduced a three-model lineup that includes an entry-level shell for the most affordable buy-in and an Ultimate flagship for the most luxurious glamping experience.

The Romotow T8’s standout feature is its automated hydraulic rotation system, which sets it apart from the average towable RV. 

The new Shell version, priced at approximately $185,650, offers all of the T8’s impressive structural components, including the automated hydraulic rotation system, aluminum monocoque construction, mild-steel rectangular-tube chassis, and insulated composite walls, roof, and floor. However, it’s a blank canvas on the inside, allowing buyers to furnish it themselves.

While the Shell version might not appeal to many DIY camper builders due to its price, it does offer a lower entry point for T8 ownership. W2 also markets the T8 Shell towards businesses for uses like a mobile office, promotional vehicle, or portable cafe. This could make it an interesting project and a potential write-off for businesses.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Ultimate model, priced at $299,000, comes loaded with all the original standard features and a few add-ons previously offered only as options. 

These upgrades include a multi-zone audio system, 32-in 4K smart TV in the bedroom, air conditioning, 400-Ah lithium battery bank, expanded 790-W solar charging system, and tandem Cruisemaster air suspension.

The mid-tier T8 Pure, priced at $236,000, offers a full caravan floor plan with slightly downgraded specs compared to the Ultimate. For instance, it comes with half the battery and solar power of the Ultimate and includes a base Fusion sound system in place of the multi-zone system.

The introduction of these new models is a significant step for Romotow. By offering different layouts and packages, they are not only making their unique RV design more accessible but also catering to a wider range of customer needs. Whether it’s for personal use or business purposes, the Romotow T8 offers a unique and luxurious camping experience.


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