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Outdoor Recreation Leaders Champion the ROI Act for Rural Communities and Economic Growth

In a significant move, leading organizations within the outdoor recreation industry have thrown their weight behind the Rural Outdoor Investment (ROI) Act. Introduced by Senator Michael Bennet and Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury, this legislation is poised to revolutionize rural communities by fostering the growth of recreation economies.

The backing of these prominent outdoor recreation leaders underscores the importance and timeliness of the ROI Act, especially in an era where outdoor activities have seen a remarkable surge, largely due to the pandemic.

The unanimous support from industry giants is a testament to the act’s potential. Organizations such as the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable have lauded the ROI Act, emphasizing its comprehensive approach to uplifting rural communities and fortifying the outdoor recreation sector.

“As evidenced by the hundreds of rural communities who have applied for federal technical assistance to support economic development through outdoor recreation in recent years, as well as the unprecedented numbers of Americans flocking to the outdoors, we have an outstanding opportunity to meet the moment through the Rural Outdoor Investment Act,” said Jessica Wahl Turner, president of Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

“The ROI Act is aptly named as it will help bring rural communities a big return on outdoor recreation investments in the form of social, economic, and environmental benefits for locals and visitors alike. We applaud Senators Bennet, Schumer and Congresswoman Stansbury for introducing this commonsense and essential legislation that will support our nation’s rural communities and residents.”

Their endorsements not only validate the act’s objectives but also highlight the collective vision of these leaders to transform rural America through sustainable outdoor recreation.

Central to the ROI Act is its commitment to channeling funds effectively. With allocations like $30 million for public works and $5 million for community grants, the act is set to address the diverse needs of rural communities, ensuring they are equipped to tap into the booming outdoor recreation economy.

This financial framework is a clear indication of the act’s intent to provide rural areas with the necessary tools and resources, ensuring they are not left behind in the race to harness the benefits of outdoor recreation.

The outdoor recreation economy has always been a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP. However, the recent uptick in activities like hiking, camping, and fishing during the pandemic has spotlighted the sector’s untapped potential, especially in rural areas.

The ROI Act, with its focus on infrastructure and community engagement, aims to harness this potential, ensuring that rural communities are primed to benefit from the growing demand for outdoor activities.

Through their initiatives, they aim to bridge the gap between policy and practice, ensuring that the benefits of the ROI Act reach the grassroots level, transforming the lives of countless individuals in rural communities.

The backing of the ROI Act by outdoor recreation leaders is more than just an endorsement; it’s a shared vision. A vision where rural communities are empowered, where the outdoor recreation economy thrives, and where every American, irrespective of their location, can enjoy the great outdoors.

The Rural Outdoor Investment (ROI) Act, championed by industry leaders, is set to be a game-changer. As rural communities stand on the cusp of an outdoor recreation revolution, the act promises a brighter, more prosperous future, where the joys of the outdoors are accessible to all.


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