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Oregon State Parks Introduces Same-Day Reservations at Coastal Campgrounds

Oregon State Parks has rolled out a groundbreaking pilot program allowing same-day campsite reservations at 17 of its coastal campgrounds. 

Aimed at simplifying the reservation process and infusing added flexibility for outdoor enthusiasts, the program marks a distinct shift from the previous policy that required online bookings to be made at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Stefanie Knowlton, Oregon State Parks public information officer, underscored the significance of the program, reflecting on the unpredictability of life. 

“It’s hard to imagine what your life is going to be like six months from now, things happen and schedules change,” she remarked, referencing the previous need for visitors to plan far in advance.

The initiative was prompted by the popularity of coastal parks, which often receive bookings up to half a year in advance. 

Equally notable is the substantial number of cancellations, with one in four reservations being abandoned last year. A short cancellation notice combined with the earlier 24-hour reservation requirement left many campsites vacant, a situation the same-day reservation initiative seeks to remedy.

To ensure seamless access to the reservation system and facilitate on-the-go bookings, limited free Wi-Fi will be installed at the beach campgrounds. A unique selling point of the program is the waiving of the usual eight-dollar reservation fee for any same-day bookings, providing further incentive for spontaneous trips.

There is a slight variation in the reservation process for different types of campers. While those with tents and RVs can reserve a site at any time of the day, those seeking accommodations in structures like yurts or cabins will need to complete their reservations by 6 p.m. on the same day. This is to give park staff sufficient time to prepare keys or access codes.

Originally introduced at two campsites last year, the program has been broadened to cover all coastal campgrounds in the state. It is expected to run through this winter, after which a comprehensive review will be undertaken to consider a statewide expansion of the same-day reservation system.

This innovative program represents more than just a policy change; it’s a commitment to enhancing Oregon’s outdoor recreation industry. The state’s parks have long been a mainstay for both residents and tourists, and the increased flexibility of this program is expected to attract an even broader range of visitors. It also aligns with broader trends in the industry toward more spontaneous and flexible travel planning.

Oregon’s coastal parks, with their unique blend of pristine beaches, towering forests, and diverse wildlife, offer a breathtaking outdoor experience. 

This new program will hopefully enable more people to easily access and enjoy these natural wonders, fostering a deeper appreciation for the state’s rich natural heritage, and reinforcing Oregon’s status as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy
February 22, 2024 7:04 pm

The announcement of the same-day reservation program for coastal campgrounds unsettles me. It could result in more competition for last-minute bookings and potentially lead to overcrowding. I’m curious about how this will affect the overall camping experience.

March 18, 2024 1:52 pm
Reply to  Jason Murphy

I get your concern about potential overcrowding with same-day reservations. It’s a valid worry, but it might also make snagging a spot easier for spontaneous trips. Let’s see how it pans out. sometimes changes can surprise us positively.

May 5, 2024 2:11 pm

Did you hear about the new camping deal at Oregon State Parks? It’s a game-changer! Now you can make same-day reservations at coastal campgrounds. With free Wi-Fi and no extra fees, it’s like a breath of fresh coastal air for us spontaneous adventurers. Time to pack up and head to the beach!


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