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Local Group Cleans Up Oklahoma Campground

A Facebook post from the Blue River Fishing and Hunting Facebook page last month asked for guests to do a better job cleaning up after themselves. One man in the area decided to do his part and enlisted the help of others, a report said.

After a huge mess was found on the campgrounds, the post was created.

Mike Harris, a local fisherman and founder of the non-profit organization Fishing and Hunting, said that seeing the campsite treated so badly didn’t go well with him.

According to the report, Harris said the campground was one of his first places to fish when he moved to the area and it just has a really peaceful aura to it. He stated that he had the urge to do something when he saw it was being trashed.

Fishing and Hunting sent word that they would be cleaning the area on Saturday.

He had hoped for a few people to help, but he received far more than he expected. An estimated number of 35-40 had shown up to support, the report said.

They walked through over 3,000 acres of campsite picking up every scrap they could. It took just over two hours for the group to clean up.

Participants were offered lunch at no cost by Simple Simons Pizza and Ole Red.

Already, people who use the area show appreciation for their efforts.

Nick Banks, a frequent Blue River fisherman, said that it was hard to see the trash in such beautiful places. He commended the group for their effort.

“These guys deserve a shout-out for cleaning up the trash. It’s a beautiful place in Oklahoma, so we have to preserve it,” he said.

Harris said that his organization is looking into a monthly clean-up of the area, but people can still do their part by disposing of their garbage properly, the report said.

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