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Tornadoes Devastate Miami Valley, Private Campground Rallies to Rebuild

Six tornadoes tore through the Miami Valley last week, causing widespread damage and affecting several businesses and families. 

One of the hardest-hit areas was Wapakoneta, where the Venture Out Resorts campground suffered significant losses.

According to a local news report, the clean-up efforts continue in Wapakoneta as businesses, including Venture Out Resorts, work to assess and repair the damage left behind. 

The campground has experienced extensive destruction, with many campers and buildings demolished. 

Lynn Lahey, a regular camper at the resort since 2018, expressed her appreciation for the campground and its workers. Lahey’s camper, which she intended to keep indefinitely, was destroyed by an EF1 tornado.

Lindsey Schill, another camper who was staying at Venture Out Resorts during the tornado, shared her harrowing experience. 

Schill described the terrifying moment when their camper was flipped by the tornado. Despite sustaining injuries, including two broken ribs, she and her family managed to escape. In total, seven people staying at the campground were injured that night.

April Holmes, the personnel development manager for Venture Out Resorts, explained that although the tornado caused extensive damage, including a roof being torn off the main building, they plan to rebuild and reopen the resort. 

Holmes stated that while some amenities may remain closed for the summer season, the resort is working diligently to welcome campers back and provide a positive experience.

The aftermath of the tornadoes has significantly affected private campground owners and operators in the nearby area. 

Many are facing similar challenges, such as extensive damage to their facilities and the need for recovery efforts. As they work to rebuild, they can look to the resilience and resourcefulness of businesses like Venture Out Resorts as an example of how to overcome adversity.

The broader community of Wapakoneta is demonstrating its unity and determination during this difficult time.

Businesses, residents, and local officials are working together to assess damages, make repairs, and provide support to one another. 

This collective effort is crucial to the recovery process, particularly for small business owners who may lack the resources to rebuild independently.

Mayor Steve Henderson praised the community’s collective efforts during this challenging time, stating, “There was a lot of destruction and a lot of hard work that was done, and many volunteers through group efforts. We’re back a week later having this conversation. We’re in a better position today than we were last Monday, that’s for sure.”

Venture Out Resorts is now starting to accept reservations again, demonstrating the community’s determination to overcome adversity. 

The resort is also seeking volunteers to help clean-up the camp on Saturday, April 15, 2023. As Wapakoneta and the surrounding areas continue to rebuild, the spirit of collaboration and support will undoubtedly aid private campgrounds, businesses, and residents in their recovery.


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