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RV Sales Not As Affected By Gas Prices

More people in motorhomes and RVs are flocking to a vacation area in Ohio and have become more popular since the pandemic, according to a report.

Recent fuel price increases have made it even more expensive to travel in an RV. However, Reineke RV Sales Manager Jack Chaflin said campers usually find a way around it.

“We do hear the comments of gas prices, but then our customers will usually go to a smaller unit that’s easier to tow,” said Chaflin. “Now, with a larger unit, a lot of people will park them at a campground and then leave them permanently there and travel back and forth, so the gas prices don’t affect people like that.”

Dennis Earl, who usually camps in his trailer as much as possible, said RVing is one of the cheaper ways to go on a vacation.

“I’ll stay in state parks and more of the nature-type campgrounds, so that runs about $30 a night, whereas a hotel is $120 a night. Plus, I don’t have to eat out because the food’s right there in the kitchen. Everything is right there,” said Earl.

Chaflin said people are finding ways to save money on fuel.

“The gas prices haven’t really affected the RV sales. Now we see people not traveling as far. Years ago they would travel out west, but now they’re limiting their travels to the tri-state area,” said Chaflin.

With so many great places to travel within driving distance, Chaflin said people seem okay with staying closer to home.

“Pulling an RV really takes a drag out of your gas so all I’ve really had to do is drop my speed down to about 60 miles per hour and it actually costs me the same amount to travel because I’ve doubled my gas mileage,” said Earl. “But if I wanted to get there as fast as I was before, it would definitely be more expensive.”

Earl said that when he goes that 60 miles per hour while pulling his RV, he gets 14 miles to the gallon. When he goes faster, it’s only nine miles to the gallon.

This article originally appeared on 13 ABC Action News.

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Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward
February 23, 2024 5:51 am

Isn’t it amusing how RV sales have stayed strong despite rising fuel prices? It’s great to see people adapting by choosing smaller, more fuel-efficient units and adopting the leisurely travel mindset. Personally, I think it’s a smart way to enjoy the journey and reduce the impact of gas prices. How do you feel about this trend in RVing?


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