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nuCamp Introduces 7-Year Ultimate Protection Plan for RV Owners

nuCamp, a RV manufacturer based in Ohio, has introduced the Ultimate Protection Plan, a 7-year extended warranty for their RVs that is expected to provide peace of mind to nuCamp RV owners.

The Ultimate Protection Plan offers an unparalleled, transferable extended warranty in the RV industry. This first-of-its-kind coverage allows RV owners to enjoy worry-free adventures for several years, as they confidently head down the road knowing they have the Ultimate Protection Plan.

The Ultimate Protection Plan not only keeps RV owners protected while traveling but also increases the value of their unit when they decide to sell. 

nuCamp products already boast high resale values in the market, and the introduction of the Ultimate Protection Plan further enhances that value.

If an owner decides to sell their RV, the remaining balance of the extended warranty can be easily transferred to a new owner, adding even more value without any transfer fees.

New nuCamp models, including teardrop and truck campers manufactured after January 1, 2022, are eligible for the Ultimate Protection Plan if purchased within the first 365 days of ownership. 

Participating nuCamp dealers will gladly explain the details of the extended warranty to interested buyers. The plan is exclusively available through nuCamp’s nationwide dealer network.

With the Ultimate Protection Plan, once purchased, RV owners will not have to pay any fees or deductibles for the life of the contract. 

In the event of an issue with their nuCamp product over the next 7 years, all they have to do is file a claim and take their unit to the nearest approved RV service center or the nuCamp service center. 

The warranty automatically renews for the length of the contract, and there are no limits to the number of claims. Terms and Conditions apply for full coverage details.

Should an owner decide to cancel the Ultimate Protection Plan for any reason, they may do so without incurring any fees or chargebacks. 

For more information or if you purchased a new model within the past 365 days and have now decided that this warranty is right for you, please get in touch with your nearest participating nuCamp dealer.

For RV manufacturers, offering a protection plan can be a significant value-added service that sets your business apart from the competition. By offering this extended warranty, you demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term support.

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Heath Cliff
Heath Cliff
February 24, 2024 12:54 pm

Absolutely thrilled of carefree RV adventures for years to come? nuCamp’s innovative 7-Year Ultimate Protection Plan guarantees just that, and now, you can enjoy the added benefit of boosting your RV’s resale value when it’s time to upgrade to a new nuCamp beauty. It’s a sensational opportunity for RV owners to experience peace of 7-year warranty and enhanced value. What are your thoughts on this incredible news?

Gia Sunrise
Gia Sunrise
May 6, 2024 5:58 pm

Did you catch that nuCamp’s Ultimate Protection Plan covers a bunch of stuff like electrical systems and appliances? It’s like having a guardian angel for your RV adventures!


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