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OHI Board Approves Direct Membership for RV Parks and Campgrounds Nationwide

The Board of Directors of OHI has voted to implement a direct membership option for RV parks and campgrounds across the United States. 

This decision, effective from January 1, 2025, marks a pivotal change in OHI’s membership structure, offering more autonomy and choice to campground operators nationwide.

Historically, OHI’s membership model was bifurcated between partnering and non-partnering states, leading to confusion among members regarding the benefits received at the national versus state levels. The new model simplifies this process, allowing RV parks and campgrounds to directly join OHI, irrespective of their geographic location.

Joe Moore, CPO, OHE, chair of the OHI Board and owner of Moore’s Campground Consulting, expressed optimism about the change. He emphasized the collective expertise of past OHI Chairs, who have over a thousand years of industry experience, in shaping this strategic direction for OHI and its members.

The revised model provides flexibility for members to choose their level of involvement, whether at the national, state, or both levels.

This approach is designed to maximize the benefits for campground and outdoor hospitality operators, offering a comprehensive package of resources, market intelligence, and professional development opportunities.

Jeff Hoffman, president of the Ohio Campground Owners Association (OCOA) and owner of Sandusky/Bayshore KOA, who also serves as OHI’s treasurer, highlighted the shift towards a more member-driven strategy.

The focus, according to Hoffman, will be on making OHI a value-driven organization, offering a balanced mix of benefits, advocacy, and professional development.

Paul Bambei, president and CEO of OHI, outlined the process leading to this decision. Initiated in 2022, the shift was influenced by discussions with industry leaders, consultations with association management expert Bob Harris, and legal advice. The change aims to mitigate financial risks associated with the previous model and, importantly, to empower RV park and campground owners with more choices.

“This shift in our business model was made, in part, to mitigate financial risks as state associations are their own individual 501(c)6 incorporations, with separate reporting requirements to the IRS. Most importantly, we felt our members deserved a choice. We want to be able to prove the value of OHI membership and empower RV park and campground owners and operators to make the choice for themselves,” Bambei said.   

For members in current partnering states who have paid their 2024 dues, their membership status remains valid through December 31, 2024. OHI encourages members unsure of their status to contact the organization for clarification.

For nearly six decades, OHI has been a leading voice in the outdoor hospitality industry. It continues to serve as an inclusive platform for RV parks, campgrounds, glamping businesses, and related organizations. 


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