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Wilmington City Council OKs First-Ever RV Campground Off One Tree Hill Way

In a landmark decision, the Wilmington City Council has approved the rezoning application of the first-ever RV campground off One Tree Hill Way in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The rezoning specifics and voting details of the City Council’s decision mark a significant step towards the city’s evolving landscape.

As per a report from WECT, the RV campground project is designed to accommodate 50 RVs, with guests allowed to stay for a maximum of 29 days.

Jeff Bouton, the realtor working on the project, anticipates that this development will not only boost tourism but also contribute positively to the local economy.

Bouton emphasized that the rezoning approval is a big step for the city, given council had some reservations about the project at first.

“It was a challenge for the city council and the community to buy into the embrace the idea of an RV park. I think it’s in a very optimal location for it and probably one of the only areas where we could accommodate an RV park without too much community backlash,” said Bouton.

Councilmember Kevin Spears opposed the project, citing concerns about the narrowness of the road leading to the RV park. 

The community has voiced both support and opposition, reflecting a city grappling with growth and change. 

Bouton estimates that RV guests might spend about $200 a day in the local economy, a potential windfall for businesses.

“We expect RV guests to spend about $200 a day or at night, get downtown in the middle of the city and close towards Wrightsville Beach. And that can be a huge injection of cash into the economy without people constraining our resources,” said Bouton.

The campground is strategically located near Carolina Beach State Park, a natural gem 12 miles south of Wilmington. 

Known for its unique flora, including the Venus flytrap, and diverse habitats, the park is a major draw for nature enthusiasts. The proximity of the new RV campground to this park could potentially affect visitor traffic and conservation efforts.

Carolina Beach State Park is not just a haven for plants; it’s a gateway for water lovers. The park’s marina provides access to the Cape Fear River and the Intracoastal Waterway, popular among boaters and anglers. 

The new RV campground, with its close proximity, may offer guests a convenient base for exploring these waterways.


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