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North Carolina State Parks Introduce New Check-In and Check-Out Times

The North Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation has announced a change in the check-in and check-out times for overnight camping at state parks, a report highlighted. 

This decision, effective immediately, is set to impact a wide range of camping facilities within the state’s park system.

The new policy stipulates a standardized check-in time of 3 p.m. and a check-out time of noon for all state parks. However, there are notable exceptions. The overnight facilities at Haw River State Park and the vacation cabins at Hanging Rock and Morrow Mountain state parks will not adhere to this new schedule.

This change encompasses a variety of camping accommodations. It includes tent, trailer, RV campsites, group campsites, equestrian campsites, paddle-in campsites, backpacking campsites, and camper cabins. The comprehensive nature of this policy underlines its significance for the state’s outdoor recreation industry.

Officials  have expressed that this move aims to create a more user-friendly experience. By standardizing check-in and check-out times across the state, the department seeks to simplify the process for campers, thereby enhancing their overall experience.

Moreover, the uniform schedule is expected to benefit park staff. It allows for a more streamlined approach to maintaining and cleaning the camping facilities, ensuring that each site meets the high standards expected by visitors.

The implications of this policy extend beyond state parks. Nearby private campgrounds and RV parks stand to benefit from the standardized schedule. As state parks adopt a more uniform approach, private facilities may see an uptick in visitors seeking alternative or additional camping options that align with their travel plans.

This change also reflects a growing trend in the industry towards standardization and user convenience. By aligning check-in and check-out times, North Carolina’s state parks are positioning themselves as more accessible and user-friendly, a move that could attract more visitors and boost the state’s outdoor recreation sector.

The outdoor hospitality industry, including campground and RV park operators, can leverage this change to enhance their marketing strategies. By promoting the ease of scheduling and the convenience of their locations in relation to state parks, these businesses can attract a broader customer base.

As the outdoor recreation industry continues to evolve, such changes underscore the importance of adaptability and customer-centric approaches in maintaining and growing the sector. This development is a clear indication of North Carolina’s commitment to enhancing its outdoor recreation offerings and supporting the industry as a whole.

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April 13, 2024 7:54 am

I’m a bit worried about the different check-in and check-out times at specific parks like Haw River, Hanging Rock, and Morrow Mountain. Visitors should know these exceptions to avoid any camping trip hiccups.


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