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Asheville Tops the Chart as America’s Premier Camping Destination

In a study according to Name Bubbles, Asheville (North Carolina) has secured the position as the top camping location in the U.S., outshining noted outdoor destinations like Boulder, Colorado, and Napa, California. 

This evaluation, meticulously based on 13 camping-related factors, positions Asheville as an unrivaled outdoor adventure hub and brings promising news for private campground owners in the region.

The team at Name Bubbles took into account a wide array of factors. These included the number and mileage of hiking trails, average seasonal temperatures, the likelihood of sunny weather, and the abundance of outdoor gear and rentals such as RVs, bikes, and kayaks.

Significantly, Asheville’s impressive roster of nine five-star campgrounds was a vital piece of data that propelled it to the top of the list. 

This number comfortably surpasses the national average of 3.7 such campgrounds per city, indicating Asheville’s superior camping infrastructure and a commitment to offering high-quality experiences for campers.

Asheville’s location, “nestled in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains,” according to Name Bubbles, augments its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts

The area boasts easy access to wooded mountainsides, the French Broad River, and numerous creek gorges, offering an ideal setting for an array of activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, and horseback exploration.

Given Asheville’s impressive data, such as its nine five-star campgrounds and its superior camping infrastructure, private campground operators in the region may experience increased interest from campers seeking premium experiences.

This recognition underlines the region’s distinct allure and validates the ongoing efforts to enhance camping facilities and resources.

Asheville’s natural landscape, coupled with its well-developed camping infrastructure, is a major draw for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers seeking premium camping experiences.

According to the data gathered by Name Bubbles, Asheville has 117 hiking trails spanning 539 miles, along with 10 state or national parks. 

The city enjoys a favorable 58% average chance of sunshine and boasts a comfortable average temperature of 72.7 degrees between spring and fall. 

Additionally, the city has 70 sporting goods stores, 10 RV/camper rentals, 10 bike rentals, and 11 kayak rentals, offering excellent resources for outdoor enthusiasts.

Notably, the city’s risk of natural hazards, calculated on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 1 being low risk and 5 high risk), is reassuringly low at 2. The data further indicates that Asheville has 161 campgrounds in total, nine of which are rated five-star.

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation, Name Bubbles used a scoring system where each of the 13 factors received a score between 0 and 5, with 5 marking the most favorable camping conditions. 

These scores were then adjusted according to their impact on the overall camping experience and summed to produce a final score out of 100 for each city. With a score of 72.7, Asheville led the pack, promising an enhanced camping experience for visitors and a likely boom for campground operators.

Following Asheville in the top five camping destinations are Scottsdale, Arizona (72.67), Boulder, Colorado (69.3), Austin, Texas (66.9), and Orlando, Florida (66.2). 

While these cities offer robust competition, Asheville’s ascent to the top spot underscores the city’s unparalleled appeal for camping enthusiasts and the opportunities this presents for local campground operators.

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Michael Smith
Michael Smith
March 16, 2024 7:04 pm

Did you know that Asheville, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, is not just about camping? It’s a vibrant hub for arts, music, farm-to-table dining, and unique cultural experiences. Imagine a camping trip where you get a taste of it all – nature and culture in perfect harmony!


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