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Franklin Town Board OKs Campground Regulation Law

The Franklin Town Board, during its March 5 meeting, ratified a new law aimed at regulating campgrounds, marking a significant development for the outdoor hospitality industry in Franklin. The enactment of this legislation follows the town’s realization of a regulatory gap after a local resident proposed establishing a campground on Oak Hill Road.

As per a Daily Star report, the newly approved law, devised with insights from the state Department of Health, sets forth guidelines on size, density, and setbacks for campgrounds, ensuring a structured and safe environment for outdoor recreation. This regulation is a testament to the town’s commitment to fostering a well-organized and sustainable outdoor hospitality sector.

Defined within the law, vacation campgrounds are designated for temporary stays, catering to the needs of tourists and travelers seeking short-duration camping experiences. This clarity in the legal framework aids campground operators in aligning their services with regulatory standards, thus enhancing the quality and reliability of outdoor lodging accommodations.

For campground infrastructural norms, the law stipulates a minimum road frontage requirement, ensuring easy access and adequate space for the establishment of these recreational sites. Moreover, the provision allowing a reduced frontage upon planning board approval offers flexibility, accommodating various campground designs.

The legislation emphasizes the necessity of a residence for the caretaker, manager, or property owner on the campground premises, which is crucial for maintaining operational oversight and ensuring guest safety and service quality.

Privacy and aesthetics are also considered, with mandates for screening campgrounds from neighboring properties and public highways. This not only preserves the natural scenery but also enhances the privacy and experience for guests, contributing positively to the industry’s reputation.

Fire safety is a priority under the new law, which requires campgrounds to be equipped with appropriate fire protection gear and accessible for emergency vehicles. Such regulations underscore the importance of safety in promoting a secure camping environment, which is a vital concern for both operators and guests.

Communication infrastructure is addressed through the requirement of a publicly accessible working phone for emergency situations, highlighting the town’s focus on safety and accessibility within campground facilities.

Sanitation and hygiene standards are outlined, mandating private water supply and sewage disposal systems in compliance with health regulations. These measures ensure that campgrounds provide necessary amenities, maintaining a high standard of hygiene and comfort for campers.

The law establishes traffic and parking regulations within campgrounds, facilitating smooth and safe vehicular movement, which is essential for ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for visitors.

Noise control measures and event management guidelines stipulated in the law aim to maintain a serene and enjoyable environment, balancing recreational activities with community peace and tranquility.

The enactment of the campground law, alongside the ongoing review of solar and short-term rental property regulations, demonstrates Franklin’s proactive and comprehensive approach to managing and enhancing its outdoor hospitality and recreational landscape. This legislative effort not only aligns with state health and safety standards but also fosters a conducive environment for the growth and development of the campground and outdoor hospitality industry in Franklin.

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March 17, 2024 6:26 am

Doesn’t it seem like Franklin Town means business with these campground rules? So, if you’re planning a camping trip there, better play by the rules! Otherwise, you might end up in a crazier situation than a sneaky squirrel eyeing a camper’s snacks! Keep it fun and safe out there!


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