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Floyd Bennett Field Unveils Groundbreaking EV Charging Pilot, Paving the Way for Sustainable Urban Innovation

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Floyd Bennett Field, a historic site within the Gateway National Recreation Area, is pioneering a significant environmental initiative. 

This former airport, now a vibrant part of the city’s green spaces, is hosting a groundbreaking pilot project that integrates electric vehicle (EV) charging with energy storage. This initiative not only marks a significant step in urban sustainability but also aligns perfectly with New York City’s ambitious environmental goals.

The project’s primary aim is to test the feasibility and impact of such installations in urban settings. By situating this pilot in a historically significant and publicly accessible location, the project bridges the gap between past and future, showcasing how historical sites can play a crucial role in modern environmental efforts.

At the core of this project is a state-of-the-art Level 3 DC fast charger, capable of providing up to 180 miles of range for a typical passenger EV with just a 15-minute charge, as per a news release by the National Park Service.

This feature addresses a critical need in the area, which previously had a scarcity of such charging facilities. The charger’s advanced technology makes it a valuable asset for EV drivers in the city, offering convenience and efficiency.

Furthermore, the unit doubles as an energy storage system, providing backup power to essential services like streetlights during grid failures. This dual functionality not only enhances the resilience of the local energy grid but also demonstrates the potential of integrating EV charging infrastructure with energy storage solutions in urban landscapes.

The project is a collaborative endeavor involving the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, the Resilient Energy Studio (part of Newlab, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Con Edison), and ElectricFish Energy, Inc. Each partner brings unique expertise and resources, making this pilot a model of public-private partnership.

The overarching goal is to foster innovation in local energy storage and resilience. By testing and demonstrating these technologies in a real-world urban setting, the project aims to inform broader strategies for sustainable energy use and EV infrastructure development across New York City.

Floyd Bennett Field’s history as New York City’s first municipal airport lends a unique narrative to this project. Once a hub for aviation milestones, the field is now at the forefront of another technological frontier: sustainable energy. 

This transformation from an aviation landmark to a site for environmental innovation reflects the evolving priorities and adaptive nature of urban spaces.

The field’s historical significance enhances the project’s impact, serving as a reminder of the site’s long-standing commitment to technological advancement and its new role in addressing contemporary environmental challenges.

The pilot project at Floyd Bennett Field is set against the backdrop of significant advancements in energy storage technology. 2023 has seen the rise of alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries, such as sodium-ion batteries, which offer potential benefits in cost and sustainability. 

Additionally, the development of solid-state batteries promises higher energy densities and lower costs, which could revolutionize energy storage in the coming years.

These advancements are crucial for projects like Floyd Bennett Field’s, as they could lead to more efficient, affordable, and sustainable energy storage solutions. The pilot thus not only tests current technologies but also opens the door to future innovations in this rapidly evolving field.


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