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Discover Dream Lake Campground’s Successful Expansion Journey

Nestled within the gentle slopes of Wyoming County, New York, lies Dream Lake Campground, a family-oriented oasis that has carved its own distinctive niche within the industry. 

Over the last eight years, it has been nurtured into a thriving hotspot, largely due to the undying commitment and zealous efforts of its owners, Keith and Patty Jarnot. 

The Dream Lake journey started in 2015 when the Jarnots decided to buy and expand the property. 

Their adventure was fueled by Patty’s love for the outdoors, an element ingrained in her Wyoming County roots, and their collective desire to provide a space for families to enjoy, unwind, and forge unforgettable memories.

The Jarnots since have relentlessly strived to enhance and maintain the campground. Their latest expansion, launched in the fall of 2022, marks a significant milestone in their journey. 

The expansion brought an array of new facilities and amenities to the site, including a serene pond, 46 advanced 50-amp full hook-up sites, two bathhouses – one of which replaced an outdated one, a modern septic system with a double dump station, a playground for children, and upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity, exemplifying the campground’s customer-centric approach.

Their commitment to providing an unparalleled camping experience doesn’t end there. The Jarnots, who reside at the campground year-round, are also looking towards the future with plans to install a secure gate system and add a GaGa Ball pit and swing sets to their array of amenities. Their innovative vision encapsulates a powerful message for private campground owners – to stay successful, one must be ready to constantly evolve and adapt.

The Dream Lake success story extends beyond physical expansion. The Jarnots have also made substantial efforts to address environmental and infrastructural concerns. They tackled issues such as the overpopulation of Canada geese that led to lake pollution, and the inadequate electricity supply that often interrupted the serenity of the campsite on busy weekends. By resolving these challenges, they made Dream Lake safer, cleaner, and more efficient for its guests.

Their story offers valuable insights to private campground owners and operators. It highlights the necessity of understanding customer needs, maintaining facilities, addressing environmental challenges, and offering unique and up-to-date services. Patty Jarnot succinctly put it: “You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting.”

The campground, while primarily catering to RV and camper guests, also offers accommodation options to tent campers and has cabins and campers for rent. 

A broad range of activities and amenities are available, most of which are included in the site fees, encouraging guests to explore the beautiful outdoors.

The campground’s focus on a relaxed, family-friendly environment, underscores another key aspect of the private campground industry – ensuring guests form memorable experiences that keep them returning.

Dream Lake Campground, a family-focused venture, has not only grown successfully but also established a solid standard for private campgrounds. 

Their story is a testament to the impact of dedicated ownership, meticulous planning, and continual evolution, reminding campground owners and operators about the importance of staying dynamic and committed to excellence.

For more information, visit Dream Lake Campground.

Featured image from Dream Lake Campground.

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Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox
May 15, 2024 5:33 pm

Have you heard about Dream Lake Campground’s awesome commitment to sustainability? They’re not just about expanding facilities but also going green with recycling programs and nature walks. It’s great to see a place that cares about the environment and offers enriching experiences for campers.


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