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New Members Join RV Industry Association in June 2024

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) is pleased to announce the latest companies to join its ranks in June 2024. Representing over 500 manufacturers and suppliers, the RVIA plays a pivotal role in promoting safety, education, and growth within the RV industry. 

These new members are expected to contribute significantly to the sector, which already produces 98% of all RVs in the United States.

The RVIA is dedicated to unifying the RV industry’s initiatives and expanding its market reach. The association fosters a favorable business environment and cultivates a positive RV experience for all consumers. The addition of new members each month highlights the continuous growth and dynamism of the industry, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

Among the new members are several manufacturers who bring diverse and innovative products to the market. Mountain View Custom Cabins, based in Inman, SC, specializes in park model RVs. Their custom designs offer consumers a personalized and comfortable travel experience.

Adaptive Mobility Systems, Inc. (dba Maxvan), located in Tucker, GA, is a Class B motorhome manufacturer focused on enhancing mobility solutions. Their products are designed to provide accessible and convenient travel options for all types of RV enthusiasts.

Exodus Rigs, from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, manufactures travel trailers that combine durability with modern amenities. Their offerings cater to travelers who seek robust yet comfortable solutions for their adventures.

Papago Vans, based in Mesa, AZ, produces Class B motorhomes that are both functional and stylish. These vehicles are designed to meet the needs of modern nomads, providing reliable transportation and versatile living spaces.

In the supplier category, RV Solar Connections, located in Denver, CO, provides essential components such as batteries, battery chargers, inverters, and solar panels. Their products support the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in the RV industry.

Applica Water Products LLC – Clear2O, based in Miramar, FL, specializes in aftermarket water purification solutions. Their innovative chemicals and filtration systems ensure that RV owners have access to clean and safe water during their travels.

The RVIA continues to play a crucial role in the industry’s growth. According to a report by the RVIA, the association’s efforts have significantly contributed to the industry’s expansion, with RV shipments expected to reach nearly 600,000 units by the end of 2024.

The RVIA’s newest members exemplify the diverse and innovative spirit of the RV industry. Their contributions are expected to enhance the RV experience for consumers and support the association’s mission of driving growth and innovation.

The RVIA invites other manufacturers and suppliers to join the association. By becoming members, companies can access a wealth of resources and networking opportunities, contributing to the collective effort to promote the RV industry’s expansion.

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