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New England Campers Share Mid-Season Insights

As the midpoint of the New England camping season nears, anticipation builds within the camping community. Tonight, campers from across the region are set to share their experiences on RVing in New England, offering insights into the current state of camping in the region. The discussion is expected to encompass various aspects, from campground occupancy to the evolving demographics of campers.

A significant topic on the agenda revolves around the potential surge in RV purchases this season. Preliminary indicators suggest that increased inventories, coupled with decreased prices, might influence many to consider investing in their own RVs. This leads to speculation: with a potential rise in new RV owners, will there be a shift in the types of campers on the roads? The distinction between traveling RVers, who journey from place to place, and destination campers, who have a preferred spot, will likely be explored.

Dealerships are also anticipated to be a focal point of tonight’s conversation. With varied preferences and brand loyalties among campers, discussions may delve into favorite dealers and the reasons behind these choices. The dynamics of the dealer-camper relationship, especially in a season with potentially favorable buying conditions, are poised to add depth to the camping narrative of 2023.

For those interested in this comprehensive conversation, the event is scheduled for 7 PM ET on New England RV Dealers Association’s (NERVDA) dedicated Facebook page. This platform will allow participants and viewers to engage in real time, fostering a dynamic exchange of perspectives.

This event is not a one-time occurrence. Those keen on staying abreast of the latest from the New England camping world can mark their calendars for subsequent discussions every Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern.

Guiding the discussion are seasoned hosts Bob Zagami and John DiPietro. Their extensive knowledge and passion for camping ensure that attendees will receive a balanced and insightful perspective on the current state of camping in New England.

As the evening approaches, the sense of anticipation is evident. Campers and enthusiasts are gearing up for tonight’s discussion, eager to both share and gain a deeper understanding of the camping landscape in New England.

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February 24, 2024 12:40 pm

Are you interested in the evolving RV landscape in New England? Join the discussion for valuable insights and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy
March 21, 2024 6:00 pm

Did you hear about the upcoming campers’ chat? I’m curious about all the cool RV insights they might dish out. Imagine the hidden gem camping spots they could reveal. totally exciting! I can’t wait to swap tales and learn from the seasoned pros.


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