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RV Dealers Convention/Expo 2023: Spotlight on the Overlooked Benefits of F&I Products

The RV Dealers Convention/Expo 2023, scheduled from November 6-10, at Paris Las Vegas, is gearing up to be a pivotal event in the RV industry. This year, the spotlight is on the often-neglected benefits of selling F&I products, with workshops designed to enhance dealership profitability.

Led by Shawn Moran, director of F&I RV training at BBDS, Brown & Brown Insurance, these workshops aim to delve deep into the intricacies of dealership offerings. Moran’s expertise promises to shed light on areas that can significantly impact a dealership’s bottom line.

On November 7, attendees will be treated to “F&I Essential Menu Tool Kit 101”. This session will explore the art of interviewing a customer effectively, the nuances between up-front closing and day-of-delivery closing, and the importance of a well-structured menu to present varied repayment and product options.

Key takeaways from this workshop include mastering product-driven interviewing skills, the importance of menuing every customer every time, and understanding the value of higher protection plan sales for increased profits, according to a press release.

Two days later, on November 9, Moran will delve into the significance of the Roadside Protection Plan. Through engaging mediums like videos and sample scenarios, attendees will understand the myriad benefits of this plan, from 24-hour RV Tech support to unique offerings like mobile tire dispatch without a spare.

This session promises to equip dealers with strategies to retain customers, reduce tech service calls, boost F&I profitability, and differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced service protection benefits.

Beyond these workshops, the RV Dealers Convention/Expo is a melting pot of North America’s leading dealership personnel. It offers a week of in-person networking and continuous learning, tailored for a range of professionals from dealers/GMs to digital marketing experts.

An added attraction of the annual RVDA convention is the opportunity to engage with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and other RV industry stakeholders in the Expo. This platform facilitates interactions, collaborations, and potential business opportunities.

Sponsored by stalwarts like the RVDA of the U.S., RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center, the convention’s reputation precedes itself. Those interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities can reach out to Julie Newhouse, ensuring their brand’s presence at this prestigious event.

As preparations for the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo are in full swing, regular updates are being posted across various platforms, including the convention’s official website and social media channels. Interested attendees are encouraged to stay connected and register in advance.

The RV industry, with its ever-evolving dynamics, requires dealers to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices. Events like the RV Dealers Convention/Expo play a crucial role in this, ensuring that dealers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the industry’s challenges.

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February 25, 2024 9:15 am

Did you know? The RV Dealers Convention/Expo 2023 shines a light on boosting dealership profits through F&I products. Dive into innovative strategies for success and gain exclusive insights to elevate your dealership game. It’s an event not to be missed!

Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown
March 22, 2024 12:02 am
Reply to  UrsulaMoon

Thanks for highlighting the benefits of F&I products! They truly enhance customer satisfaction and boost profits. I’ve seen how they add value to every sale.


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