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Motility Software Solutions Reinforces RV Industry Support at 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo

In a significant endorsement of the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, Motility Software Solutions is set to resume its role as a silver partner for the esteemed 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) announced recently. 

This return demonstrates the software solutions provider’s steadfast commitment to RV dealers and the industry at large.

The convention, scheduled for Nov. 6-10, 2023, at the distinguished Paris Las Vegas, is anticipated to witness enhanced programming quality with Motility’s renewed partnership. 

RVDA’s press release mentioned that the association expressed its delight over this development.

Chris Andro, Chair of the Convention/Expo Committee and a Hemlock Hill RV Sales representative, lauded Motility for its unwavering support. He emphasized how integral Motility, a reliable software supplier, has been to dealer partners, maintaining the standard of the event’s programming.

“Congratulations and a big ‘thank you’ to Motility for returning as a silver partner,” said Andro, emphasizing the pivotal role the company plays in shaping the convention/expo. He remarked on Motility’s impact on the event, which has built a reputation for quality programming over the years.

Echoing Andro’s sentiment, Brad Rogers, President of Motility, stated, “Our return as a silver partner for the RVDA Convention/Expo is a testament to our commitment to our dealer partners.” He expressed gratitude towards dealer partners for their continued support of Motility’s products.

Rogers further highlighted the crucial role of education in Motility’s mission. We are hopeful that dealers can utilize our offerings and the convention resources to bolster their businesses,” he noted.

The RV Dealers Convention/Expo serves as a pivotal platform for North America’s top dealership personnel. It provides invaluable networking opportunities and a suite of workshops targeting dealers/GMs, sales, fixed ops, F&I, and digital marketing professionals.

The convention also boasts an Expo, which offers attendees the chance to interact with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and RV industry business partners. With Motility’s reaffirmed participation, the convention is poised for an even more engaging experience.

The RVDA Convention/Expo is sponsored by RVDA of the U.S., RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. Businesses keen on exploring partnership and sponsorship opportunities can reach out to Julie Newhouse at (703) 364-5518 or [email protected].

Motility Software Solutions, with over 34 years of industry experience, provides specialty vehicle dealers with powerful tools to measure outcomes and achieve their goals. As it steps back into its role as a silver partner for the Convention/Expo, the RV industry awaits a fruitful event. Find more about Motility’s offerings on their website.

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Erin Shade
Erin Shade
April 2, 2024 2:11 pm

Motility’s software solutions are bringing some serious game to the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo! You can expect a tech-savvy experience with hands-on demos and expert insights, making dealership operations smoother and customer engagement top-notch. It’s gonna be exciting!

April 14, 2024 11:41 am

Just wanted to share that Motility Software Solutions is all pumped up to showcase their latest tech wonders at the upcoming 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo. They’re on a mission to jazz up the RV industry and make things smoother for all of us – yay for that! Can’t wait to check out their cool innovations and get some insiders’ tips on improving RV business management. It’s going to be an exciting event, full of interactive demos and exclusive insights from the Motility pros. Let’s gear up for some awesome experiences and knowledge at the Convention/Expo!

Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris
May 8, 2024 11:04 pm

I’m hyped about Motility’s role at the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo, offering top-notch tech for the RV industry. Get ready for a fresh, interactive experience to boost your dealership game!

May 8, 2024 11:32 pm

Looks like Motility Software Solutions is really stepping up the game at the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo! Their involvement is making sure we get top-notch workshops and insights to boost our skills as RV dealership pros. Can’t wait to soak up all that knowledge and network with fellow industry enthusiasts!


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