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InteractRV: A Silver Beacon at the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo

The RV Dealers Convention/Expo 2023, a pivotal event in the RV industry, is set to witness a significant partnership. InteractRV has ascended as a Silver Partner for the 2023 edition.

Scheduled from November 6-10, at the illustrious Paris Las Vegas, the convention promises a blend of networking, education, and industry insights. The partnership with InteractRV is poised to amplify its impact.

InteractRV’s journey in the RV digital landscape has been marked by innovation. From tailored dealership websites to mobile-driven designs, their solutions resonate with the evolving needs of RV dealerships.

The company’s emphasis on strategic partnerships within the RV industry is evident. Their turnkey online solutions have streamlined operations for dealers, enhancing customer experiences, according to a press release.

Convention/Expo Committee Chair Chris Andro expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. The collaboration with InteractRV, he believes, will infuse the event with renewed energy, especially at a favorite venue like Paris Las Vegas.

Aubrey Amborn, InteractRV’s director of sales, echoed this sentiment. The company’s decision to take a silver-level partnership underscores its commitment to strengthening industry ties.

The RV Dealers Convention/Expo is more than just an event. It’s a confluence of North America’s top dealership personnel, a platform for in-person networking, and a hub for continuing education workshops tailored for various professionals in the RV industry.

Beyond the workshops, the convention offers a unique opportunity. Attendees can interact with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and other RV industry stalwarts, fostering collaborations and insights.

The event’s significance is further elevated by its esteemed sponsors – RVDA of the U.S., RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. Their backing underscores the convention’s pivotal role in the RV industry.

For those intrigued by partnership or sponsorship opportunities, the convention has its doors open. Reach Julie Newhouse via email or phone for further inquiries.

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Amy Foster
Amy Foster
February 21, 2024 11:09 am

I’m thrilled to share that InteractRV’s Exemplary Partner status at the RV Dealers Convention/Expo 2023 is a remarkable achievement, showcasing their commitment to revolutionizing digital solutions for the RV industry. As a significant contributor at the convention, I believe InteractRV will go beyond the event, fostering lasting connections and driving innovation within the RV dealership sector. This partnership is set to bring renewed energy, providing opportunities for networking, education, and collaboration.


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