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Modern Campground Introduces Campy: an AI Chatbot Concierge for Camping & RV Enthusiasts

Modern Campground, a premier news platform for the outdoor hospitality industry, has announced the launch of Campy, an AI-powered chatbot designed to serve as a knowledgeable concierge for camping enthusiasts and outdoor hospitality businesses.

Campy offers personalized advice, recommendations, and tips tailored to campers of all levels, from first-time tent campers to seasoned RV travelers.

“We are thrilled to introduce Campy as a revolutionary addition to our platform. Our mission is to support and inspire the camping community. With Campy, we are taking this commitment to the next level by offering a personalized, AI-driven concierge service,” said Brian Searl, Founder & CEO of Modern Campground, on the launch of Campy.

Campy’s expertise covers a wide array of camping-related topics, including camping gear, popular camping destinations, outdoor activities, and campsite etiquette. 

By staying informed on the latest trends and developments in the outdoor hospitality industry, Campy is also equipped to provide valuable insights and support for the owners and operators of campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts.

Campy is designed to make expert camping advice accessible to everyone, from novices to experienced outdoor enthusiasts. It’s an exciting step forward in leveraging AI technology to enhance the experience for our users and help outdoor hospitality businesses thrive,” Searl said.

As an AI-driven chatbot, Campy leverages advanced natural language processing technology to engage users in interactive, human-like conversations. 

This allows Campy to better understand user needs, offer tailored recommendations, and deliver a more engaging and informative experience for camping enthusiasts.

As the outdoor hospitality industry continues to evolve, Campy is poised to become an indispensable resource for both campers and businesses alike.

Whether users are planning their first camping trip, seeking new ideas for their next outdoor adventure, or looking to optimize their campground or RV park operations, Campy is ready and eager to help. 

To learn more about Campy and start a conversation with the AI-powered camping concierge, just click the little robot on the lower right side of your screen.


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