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Jackson County Supervisors Deliberate on Contested RV Resort Proposal

Jackson County Board of Supervisors (Mississippi) recently convened to address appeals against the proposed RV Resort in Gulf Park Estates. 

This meeting, pivotal for the future of RV parks and resorts in the area, underscores the complexities of zoning regulations and community interests in outdoor hospitality ventures, a WLOX report highlighted.

The hearing, extending over six hours, saw the Supervisors engage with arguments from both proponents and opponents of the project. 

Central to the discussion were three appeals challenging the Jackson County Planning Commission’s endorsement of a special exemption for the resort’s development on the old Pine Island Golf Course site.

One appeal, in particular, scrutinized the county’s ordinance and zoning regulation, arguing that they explicitly prohibit RV parks

Eamon Emohiuddin, an appellant, emphasized the legal intricacies, stating, “It’s about the nature of the special exception, whether the special exception can take something that’s prohibited and turn it into something permitted. The Mississippi courts ruled in July 2023 that in Moss Point, it can’t be the case. It really defines how zoning is interpreted and the courts already decided at the Supreme Court and hopefully, they’ll apply that precedent here.”

The developers countered this perspective, distinguishing the proposed RV resort from a traditional RV Park

They argued that the resort, designed for short-term stays, does not fall under the same category as parks that permit long-term occupancy. 

Adam Dial, representing the developers, clarified, “The board can’t approve something that is strictly prohibited in their ordinance. That’s the key to it. And thankfully for us, RV use in this PUD is not specifically prohibited. The opposition tried hard to make that case, but it’s just not true.”

Supervisor Randy Bosarge’s motion to deny the special request did not receive sufficient support and was subsequently dismissed. The Board of Supervisors deferred their decision to the next meeting scheduled for December 18, allowing for further deliberation on this contentious issue.

The county’s attorney has been tasked with reviewing the legal arguments presented, a step crucial for ensuring the accuracy and validity of any decision made. This review process is not just a formality but a necessary measure to align the project with legal standards and community expectations.

The outcome of this hearing holds significant implications for the RV park and outdoor hospitality industry. It highlights the challenges faced by developers in navigating zoning laws and community concerns, while also underscoring the potential for growth and development in the sector.

For RV park and resort operators, this case serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding local regulations and community sentiments. It underscores the need for clear communication and legal compliance in developing new sites or expanding existing ones.

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Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris
May 7, 2024 3:38 am

Ever wonder what went down at that marathon Jackson County Supervisors meeting discussing the RV resort proposal? It’s cool that they’re taking a close look at the environmental impact and community input. Everyone’s got a say in this – from the trees to the neighbors!


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