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Problematic Campers Who Won’t Pay Bills, Refuse to Leave Plague Minnesota Campgrounds

Some campground owners in Minnesota are considering closing their facilities after some campers have taken advantage of pandemic restrictions, a report said.

Marcie Stolberg is the owner of Knife Island Campground in Esko. The property located along the St. Louis River at 234 County Road 61 primarily caters to RVs.

Those who stay and pay for the entire season can leave their RV at the campground as long as they intend to stay for the following season. Stolberg hasn’t had issues with campers as majority of them are snowbirds and construction workers who park their RVs there for the winter.

However, the pandemic drew some residents to her campground who caused trouble and didn’t pay their bills.

One resident rang up over $8,000 in unpaid utility bills and rent and also threatened Stolberg, she claimed.

The issue came up when Stolberg, who typically closes the campground in winter, could not convince the camper to leave and said that Minnesota Power would not shut off power during winter.

Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule stops utility customers from having electric or natural gas services shut off between October 1 and April 30.

The report also mentioned Steven Hall, the owner of The Hall’s Campground in Floodwood, who is also experiencing issues with campground residents.

Although the campground has available space for tents and RVs, it has an occupancy of four.

He said one resident came in February 2021 but stopped paying rent to the campground in November 2021 and left his RV behind.

Hall’s issue is also related to Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule.

The state’s Statute 327.133 covers campgrounds in the language. However, Carlton County Attorney Lauri Ketola explained that although campgrounds are mentioned, the bills accumulated by residents are utility bills and, therefore not covered by the law.

 “A person who (1) obtains food, lodging, or other accommodations at a recreational camping area without paying for it, and with intent to defraud the owner or manager of the recreational camping area or (2) obtains credit at a recreational camping area by or through any false pretense, or by or through the aid, assistance, or influence of any baggage or effects in the possession and control of, but not actually belonging to, the person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


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