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News for March 28, 2023

Lansing City Council Discusses RV Restrictions


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Michigan’s Lansing City Council members are likely to vote on stricter rules regarding the storage of recreational vehicles at an upcoming meeting.

Council Member Marcus Majure said Thursday he had discussed the issue many times because of residents in Ward 2 who have been voicing their concerns many times, as per a report.

Matthew Schmitz, director of economic and community development, presented an analysis of Lansing’s regulations compared to others in the region, including Overland Park, Shawnee, Merriam, and Bonner Springs.

Lansing’s regulations are broken down into two distinct periods—one for milder temperatures where residents are more likely to use boats and RVs, and the other with more stringent rules for the remainder of the year.

The city’s regulations allow RVs to park on paved areas on the side and front yards, with seven days in front during summer. They shouldn’t block the sidewalk or be in the right of way, the report added.

Overland Park allows RVs to park on graveled areas for only 72 hours. They must be screened in at all times. Shawnee permits four 24-hour periods per month, something Schmitz thinks is difficult for city staff to implement. Merriam is strict about the dimensions of motorhomes in addition to other things.

Tim Vandall, city administrator, asked Schmitz to provide the reasons for regulating this. Schmitz stated that aesthetics is one reason. The safety aspect is another one because it could block drivers’ line of sight. The concern of lower property values also plays a role since potential buyers likely won’t appreciate the number of RVs visible throughout the area. He noted that some homeowner associations have stricter rules than the municipal government.

City Attorney Greg Robinson said it helps when residents are willing to assist the city in enforcing the rules by voicing their concerns when it is taking place. Schmitz said if council decided to make the rules more strict, he’d ensure that the code enforcement officers made this a top priority.

Mayor Tony McNeill urged common sense in any new rules. In certain areas of town, he said that there isn’t enough space to park an RV on the side of a house. He believes there should be some more flexibility and leniency at times when boats and RVs are in use.

Council Member Gregg Buehler then asked if Schmitz could not adopt some of the more strict rules from places such as Merriam or Shawnee and create something that the council could consider.

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