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Fife Lake Residents Challenge Proposed RV Park Over Infrastructure Concerns

A proposed RV park in Fife Lake (Michigan) is facing opposition from residents due to concerns over inadequate infrastructure. 

As per an UpNorthLive report, the Fife Lake Family RV Resort, a project put forward in 2023, involves rezoning land from residential to highway commercial, as per the request submitted to the Fife Lake joint planning commission.

The development plan, which includes up to 130 sites, has raised questions about the village’s ability to handle a significant increase in population, especially during peak tourist seasons. 

Eric Frank, a resident with deep roots in Fife Lake, estimated that 100 RV spots could bring in an additional 400 to 500 people on busy summer weekends. 

He expressed concerns about the village’s infrastructure, which, according to planning commission documents, lacks essential facilities like public sewer and water supply on the proposed park land.

Gordy Smith, another local, opposed the project, citing its proximity to Fife Lake Elementary School and Fife Lake Baptist Church. He stressed the inappropriateness of placing 140 sites and 25 acres in a residential neighborhood, especially near the 620-acre lake surrounded by 192 cottages.

The Fife Lake Village Council is scheduled to review the re-zoning request soon, a decision that will significantly impact the community. This case highlights the importance of infrastructure readiness and community consultation in campground and outdoor hospitality developments.

For industry operators, the Fife Lake situation serves as a reminder of the need for thorough planning and engagement with local communities. 

The case also emphasizes the balance between development and preserving the character of small communities. As the outdoor hospitality industry expands, understanding local dynamics is crucial. This includes considering the impact on local infrastructure, environment, and social fabric.

As the industry evolves, the lessons from Fife Lake are vital for navigating expansion in sensitive environments. Emphasizing sustainable development, community integration, and infrastructure readiness are key takeaways.

The decision of the Fife Lake Village Council will be a significant indicator for future development strategies in similar communities. It will offer insights into how small villages and the outdoor hospitality industry can coexist, ensuring growth does not compromise community well-being or environmental integrity.

The Fife Lake case is a reflection of the broader challenges in the outdoor hospitality industry. It underscores the need for a balanced approach to campground and RV park development, focusing on sustainable growth and community harmony.

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February 19, 2024 2:07 pm

It seems like there are worries about the possible environmental impact and disturbance to the community’s vibe. It’s a tricky situation that requires thoughtful consideration before any decisions are made.

April 26, 2024 11:58 pm

Sharing a thought – besides infrastructure concerns, considering the environmental impact and exploring sustainable options for the RV park in Fife Lake could benefit the community and nature around.

Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
May 7, 2024 8:49 am

I’m like, Hey, did you hear about the buzz in Fife Lake over the proposed RV park? 🤔 Residents there are all fired up about the infrastructure worries, stressing the need for sustainable development. Let’s hope they find a balanced solution. 🌳

May 13, 2024 3:59 am

Isn’t it interesting how Fife Lake residents are voicing concerns about the proposed RV park? I feel it’s vital to listen to their worries about infrastructure strain. Let’s promote openness between developers and locals for a sustainable village vibe. What do you think about this situation?


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