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News for March 27, 2023

Notch Road Glamping Resort Project Granted Extension


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The proposed glamping resort project in Notch Road Massachusetts has received a two-year extension, following a request by 196 Marine LLC, the New York development company behind the project. 

The permit for the resort, which is set to be built near Mount Greylock State Reservation, was originally set to expire this spring.

During a recent meeting with the North Adams Planning Board, Ben Crespi, the manager of 196 Marine LLC, explained that the company had faced several challenges in underwriting the project over the past two years, including rising construction costs and interest rates. 

Additionally, the company was struggling to solve how to create a project that could only be used seasonally, given the expensive infrastructure required.

Despite facing pushback from neighbors concerned about traffic and noise, the Planning Board approved a special permit in 2019 for a seasonal resort with 48 canvas tents built on platforms. 

However, a neighbor later sued over the permit, leading to additional conditions being added, according to a report.

In 2021, 196 Marine LLC purchased the property for $1.45 million and received approval from the Planning Board to take ownership of the special permit, including all its attached conditions. 

The company then requested changes to the permit, including operating year-round instead of seasonally, but a vote on those changes was never taken.

Given these setbacks, Crespi requested an extension to the original permit, which the Planning Board approved. 

With the extension in place, the company now has until May 2025 to begin construction on the long-planned resort project.

This extension highlights some of the challenges and considerations that developers and operators face when creating glamping resorts. 

The proposed resort on Notch Road was initially intended to be a seasonal resort, but the developer faced difficulties in making the project financially feasible given the high infrastructure costs and the limited usage of the property.

Furthermore, this highlights some of the regulatory challenges that developers may face when seeking to create glamping resorts. 

In this case, the developer faced opposition from neighbors concerned about issues such as traffic and noise, and the project was subject to a lawsuit and additional permit conditions.

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