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News for November 29, 2023

New Bill Aims to Regulate RV Dealers and Manufacturers Relationships in Maryland

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) took a step forward last March 2 in ensuring consistency and fairness in the relationship between RV dealers and manufacturers through the introduction of a bill, MD HB 1173, in the state of Maryland. 

The bill is based on a model law that has been negotiated and agreed to by both the RVIA and the National RV Dealers Association, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

Nick Rudowich, Senior Manager of Government Affairs at the RVIA, testified on the bill, highlighting the differences between the RV and automobile industries. 

Unlike the automobile industry, there are no true franchises in the RV industry. It is not vertically integrated among manufacturers, parts, and suppliers like the auto industry. These differences in business models and warranty obligations necessitate the need for specific RV laws.

The bill, if passed, would enforce an industry-negotiated and agreed-upon model law that governs the relationship between RV dealers and manufacturers. 

This law would allow the RV industry to operate without interfering with the auto industry while providing reciprocal advantages for RV dealers and benefiting consumers.

Rudowich emphasized that the implementation of an RV-specific law would not disrupt state business licensing laws and state agency oversight of RV dealer-manufacturer interactions. 

The bill will now be considered by the full Maryland House of Delegates before moving to the Maryland Senate for approval.

The Association is committed to promoting consistency and fairness in the RV industry through the introduction of this bill. The goal is to provide a level playing field for all parties involved and to ensure that the unique character of the RV sales and distribution model is respected.

For inquiries regarding the bill and the association’s role in it, contact Nick Rudowich at nrudowich@rvia.org.


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