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News for October 24, 2021

The Dream Continues: Cancer Patients Get Free Stay At Maine Campground

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WEST BALDWIN, Maine–  The dream of a Maine man who was a victim of cancer and COVID-19 continues by living on through others.

Scott Efron was diagnosed in May 2020 with a brain tumor. He underwent surgery and contracted COVID-19 in the same month.

He was able to recover from COVID-19 but he lost his fight against cancer in September 2020. However, his lifelong dream to give back to the world continues in a special way.

Amanda Rosen, Efron’s daughter, stated that her father was fighting cancer when he came to her one day and said, “It would be my dream come true if we could provide cancer patients a free stay at the campground.”

The Wilson family is making this dream come true, especially Quinn, 6, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

“We had noticed one day at the end of March [2021] that she had a bulge coming out of the left side of her abdomen that was very hard,” Melissa Wilson, Quinn’s mother, said, stating that it was all sudden.

Quinn was rushed to the hospital and an ultrasound revealed that Quinn had a Wilms tumor, which is a rare form of kidney cancer.

Quinn was admitted to emergency surgery within 48 hours.

Joe Wilson, Quinn’s father, stated that he and his family relied heavily on prayer and trusting God.

Wilson said, “I can remember praying. I was asking God for a word of comfort.”

Wilson answered the question, “Trust me,” when asked about the word he had prayed for.

Fast forward to the present, and Quinn’s doctors declared the surgery and Quinn’s road to recovery a resounding success.

Today, Efron’s West Baldwin campground offers the opportunity to reconnect as a family for free.

Rosen stated that her father would love to see their families enjoy the campground as much he did.

“He would love every single moment of it, and would just want to be there showing them an amazing time and having fun,” she stated.

Gerry Brown, Efron’s best friend and confidant, also agrees. He is the general manager of Natures Wilderness Resort.

Brown stated that he’s picking up the baton that Efron left.

“He would meet every guest at the front gate as I do now. His biggest goal was that everybody enjoys, and just come here and relax. We’re just gonna carry on Scott’s dream,” Brown mentioned.

Quinn will finish her last round of chemotherapy in August.

“Be strong. Be strong. Fearless. You’re never alone. Joshua 1:9,” said Quinn.

Brown stated that they have nine spots at the campground left and want to fill them with people with similar stories to Quinn’s.Visit their website to learn more or to apply for the Natures Wilderness Resort’s website. They can be reached by phone at 207-558-34565 or email at [email protected]

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