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Caribou’s Riverfront Revitalization Takes Shape with New Campground

The transformation of a former scrapyard into a scenic campground in Caribou, Maine, is not just a local success story. It’s a case study with implications for campground owners and operators nationwide. 

The project, spearheaded by local couple Troy and Julie Haney, demonstrates the potential of underutilized spaces and the growing demand for outdoor recreational facilities.

According to an article by Bangor Daily News the Haneys’ project, Kacie’s Campground, is situated on a three-acre property that was once an auto salvage yard. 

Today, it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering nine recreational vehicle spots, walking trails leading to the Aroostook River, and opportunities for kayaking and fishing.

The campground’s success has implications for campground owners and operators, highlighting the potential for transforming neglected spaces into profitable ventures.

According to Troy Haney, the project’s success lies in its ability to tap into the potential of the riverfront. “We’re hoping to be an example of how to take an area full of debris and turn it into something nice,” he said in an interview with the Bangor Daily News. “That river is a gem. We have to use it somehow.”

The Riverfront Renaissance Committee, a local body overseeing Caribou’s riverfront redevelopment efforts, has welcomed the creation of the new campground. “What Troy’s doing is very much in line with what we want to see,” said Mark Draper, the committee’s chair. 

This endorsement from local authorities underscores the potential for collaboration between campground operators and local bodies in revitalizing underutilized spaces.

The campground has already begun to draw people to the river, particularly retirees who have chosen to spend their summers there. This trend indicates a growing market for such facilities, a point campground owners and operators should note.

The Riverfront Renaissance Committee has a vision for the riverfront that includes boutique shops, kayak and canoe stores, a brew pub, and additional walking paths and public parks. 

The committee is currently seeking funding to hire a consultant to help develop a comprehensive riverfront master plan. This plan could provide a roadmap for other campground operators looking to embark on similar projects.

The transformation of a former scrapyard into a scenic campground in Caribou, Maine, offers valuable insights for campground owners and operators. It highlights the potential of underutilized spaces, the importance of collaboration with local bodies, and the growing demand for outdoor recreational facilities.

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Erin Shade
Erin Shade
March 12, 2024 2:58 pm

Did you hear the news about Kacie’s Campground in Caribou, Maine? The owners are stepping up their game with glamping options and eco-friendly upgrades like solar power and recycling programs. It’s awesome to see them making camping more luxurious and sustainable all at once!


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