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Acadia National Park Entrance Fees to Increase Starting April 1

Starting April 1, visitors to Acadia National Park in Maine will see an increase in entrance fees. 

The National Park Service approved the fare hike, which is aimed at supporting the Island Explorer bus system and other projects that benefit visitors, as well as protect park resources.

The entrance fee for a weekly pass will increase by $5, while an annual pass will see a $15 increase, bringing the total cost to $70. 

Visitors with a private vehicle will pay $35, while those arriving by motorcycle will be charged $30. Visitors without a car or those who arrive by bicycle will pay $20. However, those under the age of 16 will not have to pay an entrance fee.

Officials say that the increased fees will allow them to extend the Island Explorer service, which helps alleviate traffic and parking congestion. 

The fees collected are also used locally to fund other projects that benefit visitors and protect the park’s resources.

Federal Recreational Lands Passes, including the Annual, Senior, Access, 4th Grade, Military Annual, and Military Lifetime passes, will not be affected by the increase.

There are still several days throughout the year where visitors can enter Acadia National Park without paying an entrance fee. 

These include April 22, the first day of National Park Week; August 4, Great American Outdoors Day; September 23, National Public Lands Day; and November 11, Veterans Day.

The park officials noted that they received predominately supportive feedback from the public about the proposed increase. 

The fees collected from entrance passes are crucial to supporting the ongoing preservation and maintenance of Acadia National Park.

As the entrance fees to Acadia National Park goes up, some visitors may opt to stay outside the park and camp at private campgrounds instead. This could lead to increased demand for campsites and accommodations at these private campgrounds, as well as potentially higher prices for visitors looking for a place to stay.

On the other hand, some visitors may still choose to camp inside the park, despite the increased entrance fees. 

This could have a positive impact on private campgrounds located nearby, as some visitors may choose to stay at these campgrounds for convenience, while still wanting to visit and explore Acadia National Park.

It is important for private campgrounds to keep an eye on the situation and adapt accordingly. 

They may want to consider adjusting their prices and marketing strategies to attract visitors who may be deterred by the increased entrance fees to the park.

Additionally, they may want to explore partnerships and collaborations with the park and other nearby businesses to offer bundled packages or discounts to visitors. 

By being proactive and flexible, private campgrounds can help ensure that they continue to attract visitors and remain a vital part of the local tourism industry.

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February 16, 2024 1:08 pm

The fee increase at Acadia National Park supports important programs and projects. The annual pass offers unlimited entry, a considerate option.

May 16, 2024 3:23 pm
Reply to  SamValor

Indeed, supporting park programs is crucial. Have you explored the benefits of the annual pass? It’s a great option for frequent visitors. How often do you plan to visit Acadia National Park this year?


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