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KOA’s Odds and Ends Report Sheds Light on Unconventional Camping Trends of 2023

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) has recently unveiled its 2023 Odds and Ends research report, offering a fresh perspective on the evolving patterns in camping and outdoor travel. 

This report, a deviation from the norm, focuses on the less conventional and often overlooked aspects of the camping industry, providing valuable insights for campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators.

The “2023 Odds and Ends” report, complementing KOA’s January Monthly Report, delves into the unique and surprising elements of travel habits and mindsets that emerged in 2023. This approach highlights the diversity and dynamic nature of the camping community, offering a broader understanding of the industry’s trajectory.

One of the report’s notable revelations is the “Swiftie” phenomenon, where a larger number of male campers identify as fans of Taylor Swift compared to their female counterparts. This trend underscores the diverse interests within the camping community, suggesting a shift in the traditional demographic and cultural associations with camping.

Another significant trend identified in the report is the surge in popularity of pickleball among campers. Over 58% of those playing the sport started in the last three years, with a pronounced increase among younger campers. This indicates a shift in outdoor recreational activities and preferences, which campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators can leverage to attract and engage a broader audience.

Whitney Scott, senior vice president of corporate strategy at KOA, emphasized the importance of these findings. “The Odds and Ends report gives a voice to the data that never made the first cut but is equally important in understanding the diverse tapestry of our travel community,” said Scott. This statement highlights the report’s role in providing a more comprehensive view of the camping and outdoor travel industry.

The report’s focus on unconventional trends offers campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators insights into emerging preferences and behaviors. Understanding these trends can aid in tailoring services and amenities to meet the evolving needs of campers, thereby enhancing the camping experience and potentially increasing business success.

In addition to the “Odds and Ends” report, KOA also released its January 2024 Monthly Research Report. This report presents a more general overview of the past year’s trends, including a slight decrease in overall camping participation and the popularity of key festive travel occasions. These findings provide a broader context for understanding the state of the camping industry.

For campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators, the slight decrease in overall camping participation signals the need for innovative strategies to attract and retain campers. The popularity of festive travel occasions, on the other hand, presents opportunities to create special events and themed experiences to draw in visitors.

The “2023 Odds and Ends” report is a valuable resource for those in the camping and outdoor hospitality industry. It not only sheds light on the unconventional and evolving trends but also offers a unique perspective that can inform business strategies and operational decisions.

KOA’s “2023 Odds and Ends” research report is a testament to the dynamic and diverse nature of the camping and outdoor travel industry. For campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators, understanding and adapting to these unconventional trends is key to staying relevant and successful in an ever-changing market.

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April 30, 2024 2:27 am

Did you catch the surprising KOA report findings? Campers mixing virtual reality with nature and craving tech-free experiences? So intriguing how camping trends are shifting in 2023!


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