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KOA Owners Association Fosters Unity, Growth in Campground Community

As part of the KOA Convention & Expo 2023, the KOA Owners Association (OA) recently showcased its commitment to community building through the “Murder Mystery Under the Big Top” event. 

Held at the South Point Hotel & Casino Ballroom, this event was more than just an entertaining evening; it was a reflection of the OA’s dedication to fostering unity and engagement among KOA members. 

Christina Severson, KOA Owners Association director, highlighted the event’s success in bringing together KOA members in a fun and interactive setting, emphasizing the OA’s focus on networking and problem-solving.

“The evening was full of networking, problem-solving, and fun – elements that KOA OA Members see in their daily lives as an owner or manager at their KOA,” wrote Severson in an email interview with Modern Campground. 

KOA OA, its Role and Activities

The KOA Owners Association (OA) is a non-profit association comprised of owners of KOA (Kampgrounds of America) campgrounds. It plays a vital role in the KOA community, far beyond organizing engaging events.

Its mission centers on creating a supportive and collaborative environment for KOA members. Through various activities, the OA encourages member interaction, shares best practices, and fosters a sense of belonging among campground owners and managers. 

Severson noted that events like the murder mystery serve as a platform for members from all facets of KOA – including franchisees, managers, and staff – to connect and celebrate the KOA brand in a neutral and inclusive setting.

“Events like this are open to all attending – KOA, Inc, KOA OA Members, and KOA franchisees, managers, Care Camps staff, even expo vendors – it gives us all [the chance] to celebrate the KOA brand and socialize in a neutral environment hosted by the OA,” she told Modern Campground. 

Impact and Initiatives of the OA

Key initiatives by the OA have had a significant impact on the KOA community. By organizing events that vary in theme and style, adapted to the locations of the conventions, the OA ensures a fresh and inclusive experience for all members. 

Severson mentioned that the success of these events is measured not just in attendance but in the positive feedback, shared stories, and the creation of lasting memories. The OA’s initiatives are a testament to its commitment to enhancing the KOA experience for every member.

“We love the opportunity to connect with owners in a social setting just to learn more about them as a person versus at the show,” said a vendor who attended the recent murder mystery event. 

Future Plans of the OA

In her communication with Modern Campground, Severson shared insights into the OA’s strategies and future plans. She emphasized the importance of variety and inclusivity in their events, mentioning that the 2024 convention in San Antonio would continue this tradition.

“Our board hosts this event annually and it switches up theme and style based on the setting established by the Convention location – in 2024 we’ll be headed to San Antonio,” she revealed. 

Looking forward, the OA is focused on continuing to provide diverse and inclusive events that are not just for entertainment; they are a crucial part of the OA’s strategy to strengthen the bonds within the KOA community. 

By hosting events annually with changing themes and styles, the OA demonstrates its adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its members.

Severson also pointed out how these events highlight the reasons to be a member of the OA, offering opportunities for networking and personal connection beyond the professional setting.

Benefits of Becoming KOA OA Member

Joining the KOA Owners Association (OA) offers numerous benefits to campground owners and managers; one of which is the ability to present your concerns at area meetings. These meetings serve as a crucial platform for members to voice their issues and ideas. 

The concerns raised during these meetings have the potential to be developed into formal resolutions. Once passed, these resolutions are then presented to KOA, Inc., ensuring that the voices of campground owners and managers are heard and considered at the corporate level. 

This process not only empowers members but also ensures that their collective insights contribute to the evolution and betterment of the KOA community.

Moreover, members of the KOA OA have access to trusted advisors in the financial and insurance industries. These experts present real solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by campground owners, offering invaluable guidance on navigating complex financial landscapes. 

This benefit is particularly significant as it provides members with practical, professional advice that can directly contribute to the success and stability of their businesses.

Benefits of Becoming KOA OA Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of the KOA Owners Association (OA) presents a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, along with the chance to forge valuable connections within the camping and outdoor community. 

This sponsorship provides access to exclusive events and resources, allowing sponsors to engage closely with industry leaders and enthusiasts. Moreover, it’s an avenue to support and contribute to causes and sectors that align with personal and professional values.

“As a sponsor, you’ll have access to exclusive events and resources, as well as the opportunity to contribute to causes and industries that you care about,” a statement on the association’s website reads.

The benefits of KOA OA sponsorship extend beyond general access. Sponsors enjoy exclusive perks and opportunities not available to the broader public, enhancing their experience within the KOA community. 

This involvement is not just about supporting the OA’s mission and vision; it also fosters a strong sense of belonging and community among sponsors. By being part of this network, sponsors can share their experiences and expertise, while simultaneously learning from others in the community. 

This reciprocal exchange of knowledge and experiences enriches both the individual sponsor and the wider KOA community. Therefore, investing in a KOA sponsorship is not just an investment in the association, but also in personal and community development.

The Central Role of OA in the KOA Community

The KOA Owners Association is more than an organizer of events; it is a central pillar of the KOA community. Through its varied activities and initiatives, the OA fosters a sense of unity, provides a platform for networking, and contributes significantly to the overall KOA experience. 

The “Murder Mystery Under the Big Top” event is just one example of how the OA brings people together, reinforcing the vibrant spirit of the KOA community and underlining its commitment to creating a welcoming and engaging environment for all its members.

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April 4, 2024 4:07 am

Have you heard about the KOA Owners Association benefits? It’s worrying if some owners are missing out on voicing concerns and engaging in unity-building events. Let’s make sure everyone’s in the loop!


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