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KOA Announces Aaron Williamson’s Promotion to Vice President of Franchise Services

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), a renowned leader in the outdoor hospitality industry, has announced the promotion of Aaron Williamson to vice president of Franchise Services. This significant move marks a new chapter in KOA’s commitment to enhancing its franchise operations and overall guest experience in the camping sector.

Williamson, with a robust background spanning over 15 years at KOA, steps into his new role backed by a wealth of experience in campground management and franchise operations. His journey at KOA has been marked by substantial contributions, particularly in improving operational efficiency and guest satisfaction as a general manager within the company’s owned portfolio.

In his previous role as a regional vice president, Williamson was pivotal in initiating several innovative customer service strategies and revenue-generating programs. These initiatives, adopted across multiple KOA locations, have played a crucial role in strengthening the company’s market position and enhancing the camping experience for guests.

Bill Gottwall, senior vice president of Franchise Operations at KOA, highlighted Williamson’s unique skill set, stating, “Aaron brings a unique blend of on-the-ground experience and strategic insight to his new role. His contributions will be vital in enhancing our franchisee system and developing programs that cater to evolving needs, reinforcing our commitment to growth and our foundational roots in franchising.”

As vice president of Franchise Services, Williamson’s primary focus will be on nurturing strong relationships with franchisees. He will spearhead initiatives aimed at aligning with KOA’s goals for growth and excellence, ensuring the brand continues to lead in providing outstanding outdoor experiences.

Williamson expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, emphasizing his commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry. “I’m excited to leverage my experience in this new position to help entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry thrive. KOA’s expertise is a powerful tool for growth, and I’m looking forward to helping our franchisees benefit from our collective knowledge and innovations. This role is about fostering success for each member in our network, ensuring that KOA remains synonymous with outstanding outdoor experiences,” he said.

Before joining KOA, Williamson served for eight years in the United States Navy. His military tenure, characterized by leadership, strategic planning, and operational efficiency, has been instrumental in shaping his approach to business challenges in the outdoor hospitality sector.

Williamson’s military background is not just a personal attribute but a strategic advantage for KOA. The discipline and organizational skills honed during his service are seen as valuable assets in the dynamic and challenging world of outdoor hospitality.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, Williamson’s promotion is a signal of KOA’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry. His leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies that will benefit not only KOA but the entire camping and outdoor hospitality sector.


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