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Upcoming RV Park in Kentucky Promises Modern Amenities and Economic Boost

In a significant development for the outdoor hospitality industry, a new RV park, The Farm RV Resort, is currently under construction on Mitchell Creek Road (London, Kentucky). Located just a half-mile from Camping World, this upcoming facility is slated to open its doors to the public in late spring 2024.

The Farm RV Resort is being constructed with a focus on providing a unique blend of traditional camping and modern amenities. The development of this park marks a notable expansion in the outdoor hospitality sector, particularly in the RV park and campground industry.

Paula Thompson, the executive director of the London Laurel County Economic Development Authority, has shared insights into the amenities that The Farm RV Resort will offer. These amenities are designed to cater to the needs of modern campers, seeking both the rustic charm of camping and the comforts of contemporary facilities.

Among the key features of the resort is a fully stocked convenience store, a report from The Sentinel Echo highlighted. This store is expected to serve not just the campers at the resort but also the local community, providing easy access to essential supplies and camping gear.

The resort will also house two swimming pools, offering a refreshing retreat for campers during their stay. These pools are part of the resort’s strategy to provide leisure and relaxation options within the camping experience.

Outdoor firepits and cornhole areas are set to enhance the outdoor experience, promoting a sense of community and engagement among campers. 

For families, The Farm RV Resort is set to include a playground. This feature underscores the resort’s commitment to being a family-friendly destination.

The resort will also feature multiple bath houses.Sports enthusiasts will find the inclusion of two pickleball courts an attractive feature. 

A standout feature of The Farm RV Resort is the provision of high-speed fiber optic internet throughout the property. This facility is a nod to the increasing demand for connectivity, even while enjoying the outdoors.

The resort will offer over 150 camp sites, each furnished with water, electric, and sewer facilities. This capacity is indicative of the resort’s readiness to accommodate a significant number of visitors, contributing to the local tourism and economy.

The development of The Farm RV Resort is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy. By attracting tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, the resort will contribute to increased spending in the area, benefiting local businesses and services.


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