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News for October 15, 2021

Local Developer Exploring Kentucky Luxury RV Park Project

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Developer Dave Clabeaux is currently exploring the possibility of a luxury, high-end RV camping site in Alexandria. He is currently looking at 22 acres near the intersection of Moreland & Highway 27, a report said.

This project is not a “trailer camp” or what most people associate with RV camping.

He explained that people used to have small campers and needed lots of 20- and 30 feet. But now, there are big Class A motor coaches, which cost half a million dollars. They need 50-foot concrete lots and 50 amps.

He said that it is not enough to cater to and attract people in high-value motor coaches, but also larger lots with individual electricity and sewer, amenities, a camp-like setting, and more.

Clabeaux listed several amenities, including a lodge or clubhouse, laundry facilities, and tennis courts. There would also be a swimming pool, small store, shower facilities, and outdoor patios for games like cornhole.

He said that the spots would be priced according to their value. The spots might be of interest to people with large fifth-wheel campers, he said. However, they would only be suitable for very large, luxurious RVs.

This is what the project could look like

“Our goal is to build approximately 100 or 120 sites. Clabeaux stated that the campsite was built for campers, and maybe a dozen permanent cabins to allow local residents to rent the facilities and enjoy the site.

“We want to preserve as many trees as possible in the future development of the land. We don’t want to bulldoze the land to make it open. We want all trees to be kept so that it has a camping feel, and natural shade everywhere.”

He stated that a full-time manager would be available on-site, and could be available for up to 10 to twelve hours per day. Visitors will have everything they need when they are on vacation in their RV.

Profit from a rising interest

Clabeaux pointed out that this type of camping is gaining popularity. It’s an interesting concept. These parks are scattered all across the country. He said that there is a world of RVing and camping.

Although many RV sites are close to tourist attractions, one located here would allow people to easily access Cincinnati, major league football, major-league baseball, and the Bourbon Trail just south of there. “The location would make a great destination, with all the attractions, Kentucky state park, Mammoth Cave, and all that other fun stuff.”

Clabeaux stated that in addition to the tax revenue, the site would also “bring in more than 100 families per day who are vacationing in Alexandria, and they’d spend money at all local businesses.”

The issue of zoning is being explored

Clabeaux presented the idea at a recent Alexandria Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in order to learn more about the area’s zoning and gauge interest and answer any questions.

He is interested in the land that is zoned Highway Commercial. However, according to Alexandria Planning and Zoning administrator Carol Hofstetter, RV camping is not allowed in the area. There are no zones in Alexandria that cover this type of use. She said that camping is allowed in recreational areas but not as much as a luxury RV rental business.

They asked Hofsetter and Mike Duncan, the city attorney to research the idea and to come up with possible zoning options for such a project. 

Hofstetter requested Clabeaux to hold off until he developed his plans further so that the city could investigate the matter.

One challenge facing the project, the developer admitted, would be how large vehicles will enter and exit the property onto Highway 27. He stated that turning lanes should be made to accommodate large vehicles. If the project moves into serious planning, the state transportation department will be involved via its jurisdiction over the highway.

Once a suitable zone has been found, the developer can request a change in the zone, contact the state regarding the highway, and attend a meeting to solicit community feedback. Clabeaux will then prepare a more detailed site plan that can be reviewed and considered if all goes according to plan.

To ensure that the community is in agreement with the project, they would hold a community hearing. 

“We are willing to move immediately if we receive clearance from the community.”

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