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Kampgrounds of America’s Tonia Wiseman Honored with Prestigious Leadership Award

In a recent LinkedIn announcement, Tonia McClain Wiseman of Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) was celebrated for her exceptional leadership qualities.

The accolade was none other than the Leadership Award at the 2023 Pacific Northwest Admin Awards, a recognition that speaks volumes about her commitment and dedication in the outdoor hospitality industry.

The Admin Awards highlighted Tonia Wiseman’s exemplary role at Kampgrounds of America, emphasizing her dedication and leadership skills, especially in mentoring junior staff and enhancing operational efficiency.

“As an executive assistant at Kampgrounds of America, Tonia Wiseman has demonstrated the kind of unwavering dedication, integrity and innovation that has significantly contributed to the success of the organization,” The Admin Awards: The Highest Honor in the Administrative Profession highlighted. 

Tonia’s role as an executive assistant at KOA has been nothing short of transformative. Her innovative strategies, such as streamlining operations and aligning company strategies, have not only benefited KOA but have set a benchmark for the entire outdoor hospitality sector. 

Her efforts in fostering a team-oriented environment have been pivotal in creating a harmonious workspace, a crucial element in an industry that thrives on collaboration and community.

But what truly sets Tonia apart is her unwavering commitment to mentorship. By guiding junior administrative staff and leading pivotal projects, she has ensured that the next generation of professionals is well-equipped to face the challenges of the future. Her leadership style, which emphasizes efficiency and a positive work atmosphere, is a testament to her understanding of the unique demands of the outdoor hospitality industry.

Her volunteer work includes initiatives such as the recently held “Get Out There Event,” a day that connected Billings’ underprivileged youth with the outdoors. Additionally, Tonia serves as a sub-director for the State Special Olympics Awards team, a project spearheaded by KOA.

Toby O’Rourke, president & CEO of Kampgrounds of America, Inc., couldn’t have put it better when she highlighted Tonia’s embodiment of the company’s values. 

“Congratulations to my executive assistant, Tonia McClain Wiseman, on this outstanding achievement and well-deserved recognition at last night’s Admin Awards in Seattle! She truly embodies the values of our organization by applying passion and entrepreneurial spirit to her work. Thank you, Tonia, for all you do for me, our employees, and for KOA,” O’Rourke indicated in a LinkedIn post. 

Senior Vice President of Strategy Whitney Scott, in a recent press release, highlighted Tonia’s balanced approach, stating, “In every interaction and every project, Tonia demonstrates a balance of foresight, innovation, and integrity. Her commitment to KOA, her team, and the broader community is an example for us all.”

Wiseman diligently supports CEO and President Toby O’Rourke, Chief of Staff Brandi Simpson, and Senior Vice President of Strategy Whitney Scott. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless coordination and alignment of senior-level initiatives and schedules, thereby contributing to the efficient functioning of the organization’s leadership team.

For private campground owners, Tonia’s recognition is a reminder of the importance of leadership in the outdoor hospitality sector.

Her achievements underscore the significance of innovation, mentorship, and a positive work environment in ensuring the success of campgrounds.

As the industry continues to grow, with more families and individuals seeking outdoor experiences, the standards set by professionals like Tonia will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its future.

Featured image from The Admin Awards: The Highest Honor in the Administrative Profession

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present an updated and enriched version of our article on Tonia McClain Wiseman, incorporating additional insights from a recent KOA press release, to offer readers a more comprehensive view of her impactful contributions to Kampgrounds of America, Inc. and the broader community.


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