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News for June 30, 2022

CHECK THIS OUT: Multi-Purpose Trailer Built for Adventures

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Who would have known that one weekend with grumpy soccer parents would drive a dad in Iowa to create a multi-purpose trailer? 

Jon Rhodes was attending his son’s soccer tournament when he noticed some parents unloading grills and things, annoyed by the inconvenience of the whole process.

“He said he just kept watching grumpy parents unload and load grills and seating and all kinds of stuff ‘cause you’re there all day at those tournaments. He said he just wanted something that he could pull up into the parking lot, open it up, and everything’s there. And then when he’s ready to leave, he can close it and just take off,” EVenture Life Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Executive Garrett Brown told Modern Campground, sharing the story behind the EVenture Trailer.

Rhodes built the first model a few years ago underneath his house in Iowa. Fast forward to today, he now runs EVenture Life with Brown and Michael van Erdewyk.

Addressing the constant loading and unloading issue, the EVenture Trailer has a built-in 4-foot four-burner grill in front. On the other side is a cooler and prep station. It also comes with a five-gallon water source, and the company is working towards a running water add-on.

Eventure 2
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The trailer opens up to reveal two luxury couches. When latched together, the couches form a full-sized queen bed.

Built for every single weekend, the multi-purpose trailer is something that on-the-go people can take with them to events or outdoor adventures such as camping or hunting. The versatile rig also has a built-in cooler and prep station, making it ideal for fishing trips. 

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Measuring 6’6” in width and 15’6” in length (including tongue) and weighing under 1,500 lbs., the EVenture Trailer is a camper’s dream, Brown said.

“There’s a type of person who likes to camp. There’s a type of person who likes to glamp. And I think the idea of being able to have something compact that can fit in your garage, lightweight that you can tow it with anything, and durable enough to go anywhere—I mean, that’s a camper’s dream,” he declared.

The Iowa-based company also wants to dip its toes into the glamping scene.

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Apart from its standard features, the EVenture Trailer will soon come with an EVenture Pod, a 13-by-13 gazebo attachment designed and custom fit to the trailer. The company anticipates one pod to be ready by next week.

Brown said the attachment could be set up as a standard gazebo with no walls and flooring. There will also be an option including mesh walls or insulated privacy curtain walls for a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

E14 1
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With the popularity of new markets such as overlanding and glamping, Brown believes that the RV industry might focus on the more versatile but lightweight trailers.

He said that an issue he sees in the industry is that most trailers are very specific to what they’re going to be used for and that there might be a shift towards versatility to fill this gap, especially with other markets growing exponentially together with the traditional RV market.

When asked about what lies ahead for the company, the co-founder said that EVenture Life wants to focus on building itself as a lifestyle brand.

“The idea is [to] bring people together. Go take this out with your friends, go do something with this trailer, bring people together, see people face-to-face, make it a community,” Brown told Modern Campground.

“We want people who are active in choosing to do things and finding experiences, making every event an adventure. That’s who we want, and that’s the lifestyle we want to create,” he added.

To know more about EVenture Life, check out their website at https://www.eventurelife.com/ or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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